06 Jul 2010
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Repair my blue-ray reader

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I have a problem when reading all kind of discs  in my ps3 system.

The clock like icon starts to turn around and the blue led in front of panel twinkle but never see the disc icon in the XMB or start the game, even though it is configured to do so. I tried using the second option of the recovery menu, but it did not work.


How much does it cost to repair or change the blue-ray reader?

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Re: Repair my blue-ray reader

there are a couple more free options you can try before having to pay :smileyhappy:

They don't often work, but often enough to give them a go :smileyhappy:

Costs will vary - a lot - depending on which route you take, but I've created a thread which discusses them (and the free things to try), which you can read by clicking the link in my sig line below :smileyhappy:

* YLOD? * *PSN Connection Problems?* *Blu Ray Problems

And we weren't even testing for that.. :Thumbs:

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