09 Mar 2009
By Zaphikl


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Sony PS3 Bluetooth Headset will not turn off.

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My Sony PS3 Headset will not turn off.


After using it the other day, after I tried to turn it off, it got set to Discovery Mode instead. Now, every time I hold the power button down for five seconds, it will either:


1) Remain in Discovery Mode

2) Exits Discovery Mode, but the power light will still blink

3) Occassionally holding the power button down will cause it to blink 3x in succession to signify it turning off, but it will remain turned on

4) PC will no longer recoqnize the bluetooth


Has anyone whom have had this issue know how to fix the problem?

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Re: Sony PS3 Bluetooth Headset will not turn off.

Hey :smileyhappy:

Just had a look at the troubleshooting part of the manual and see this: