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04 Jan 2011
By: dozzaustin Member 7 Posts
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Switch Box and internet connection issues.

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Hi guys, I’m currently having a problem connecting to the internet on my PS3. I have scouted the forums for suggestions and none of them worked for me.


My internet connection is from Optus and I have a Motorola Surfboard cable modem and a cable connection obviously. I'm running through a switch box for the ps3 and pc as there modem only have one output. So, the internet line is running into the modem, the modem line is running in to the switch box and two lines out of the switch box, one for the pc and the other for the ps3


I have changed my PS3 IP address to the same as my pc's (the last 2 values on the PS3 I increased so that it is slightly different to that of the PC)


                  PS3 IP -144.127.99. 75 (Should this be the same as my PC's IP)?


The default router value is the same as my pc's default gateway


I have used four different DNS server values:

 Open DNS 208.67.222 and

 Google values and

I still recieve the same error notice (80710102)


With a switch box I don’t think I need to have internet sharing active? If I do, help with that would be appreciated also. I’m running window 7. Thanks for any help. :Smile:

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Re: Switch Box and internet connection issues.

Try posting in the Aus/Nz forum.

We tend to have Modem/Routers in the UK.





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Re: Switch Box and Internet connection issues.

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We have modems and routers too. lol. A switch box acts like a router to an extent and are sold worldwide. Its essentially a splitter. The issue isn't so much the switch but the Primary DNS values. This is what I need help with.

Thanks for the tip for the Aus/NZ forums. Will do that also, but definitely not a localised issue due to the splitter/switch.

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Re: Switch Box and Internet connection issues.

first up - no, the PS3 and PC IPs do need to be different - most definitely not the same.

BUT - you stated that you increased the last TWO values - although your example only increased the last ONE.
Your example is correct - you must ONLY increase the last one.

That said, it should only be the actual IP which is different between the PC and PS3 - subnet mask and default gateway MUST be identical between PC and PS3.

After you have checked all of that, then you can start worrying about DNS settings :smileyhappy:

When you run the connection test, how far does it get before failing?

* YLOD? * *PSN Connection Problems?* *Blu Ray Problems

And we weren't even testing for that.. :Thumbs:

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