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14 Jan 2009
By: sector_000


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connect PS3 to surround sound via HDTV

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I can't get surround sound from PS3 to come out of my sound system.


PS3 --> HDMI --> HDTV.

surround sound/DVD system --> HDMI --> HDTV

HDTV --> digital audio optical --> surround sound

TV signal --> analog Rf cable --> HDTV


So I get great surround sound 5.1 when I play DVD in the sound system.

When I play the TV channels, I only get stereo out the front L & R speakers (& the woofer I think). But I guess the cable TV is only in stereo.

I get full HD displayed by PS3 on my HDTV, but the sound comes out the TV speakers (can turn off), and out of surround sound systems' front L&R and woofer. Nothing out centre or rear speakers.

It's like the TV only relays stereo from the PS3 audio signal.


BTW if I give up the HDTV --> digital audio optical --> surround sound

and do

PS3 -->  digital audio optical --> surround sound

I get full 5.1 sound.

But my wife wants to hear regular TV channels thru the better quality sound system speakers (even if it's only 2.1).


Any ideas how I can get it all?


I only have one digital audio optical in on the sound system.


kit is:

PS3 80GB

HDTV: 47LG5000 - full 1080p

sound / DVD system: LG HT503PH



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Re: connect PS3 to surround sound via HDTV

If I were you, I'd connect your PS3 to your TV through HDMI and to your surround sound system through optical (obviously on a different channel to your TV) to get 5.1 sound. If you've checked that the ps3 is outputting 5.1 (setting menu on the PS3) then it would suggest that it's getting lost at your tv.ie, your TV is converting it to a stereo signal before sending it to the surround sound system.


Just out of interest, why do you use your DVD player to play DVDs? Are you aware that the PS3 upscales DVDs? You'll probably get a higher quality picture through the PS3 and have a less complicated set-up.

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Re: connect PS3 to surround sound via HDTV

I have the same problem - only 1 optical input and my gf want's to watch TV through the surround sound. I looked into getting an optical splitter but the problem is the TV and PS3 both output optical all the time so that solution doesn't work. What I'm going to do is buy an optical switch and 2 more optical cables (which could work out quite expensive considering my last optical cable was £20!). Maplin do the splitter for aout £12-14, it has a switch on it- so it negates the problem of both outputting at the same time, but you do have to go over to it and switch it back and forth depending on which input you want. You could just keep changing the optical cable between ps3 and tv, it wouldn't cost you anything - but the ports may become worn the more often you do this.


I just found the switch and 2 x (o.5m) optical cables for £17.59! at http://www.cable-trader.co.uk/ 


I can't link to the individual products but they are;


3 Way Optical TosLink Selector Switch (£5.45)

Professional Optical Cable -TosLink to Toslink - 0.5m (£4.95 ea)


I think thats what I'm going to buy anyway! Good Luck.



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Re: connect PS3 to surround sound via HDTV

Chimp, Death,


the PS3 does DVDs as well... but pros behind using the surround sound system are

- upscales DVDs to 1080p very well

- is less fiddly to get going

- has a normal remote control (I didn't bother getting the Sony PS3 blu-ray remote controller)

- and I hacked it to be DVD region free


I know what you're saying about the optical switch and ta for the weblinks.

The downside is having to get up from the couch to physically use the switch!


Again, my whole issue is getting the sur sound speakers in use for all modes.

optic from PS3 to sound sys is good.

sound system's DVD is good.

But the remaining issue is HDTV sound to sur sound sys.

And I only have one optical in port on the sound system!


There's an earjack on the side of the HDTV. What do you think would be the sound quality if I connect that up to the red/white L-R audio aux ports of the sound system?

How do you think that'd compare to HDTV -->optical --> sound sys



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Re: connect PS3 to surround sound via HDTV

[ Edited ]

I know what you mean about having to get up etc, but when I want to play ps3 I have to get up to get the controller and when I'm finished I have to put it down (I tried glueing it to my hands but it got in the way of my day-to-day life). 


There are remote controllable versions you can get but I haven't seen any for sale anywhere in the UK and believe they would be pretty expensive (I think this might work but not sure http://www.shoptronix.com/Digital-AudioVideo-AV-Source-Selector-Switch/M/B00062NHTS.htm?traffic_src=... )


As for alternatives you can get an optical to coaxial converter so you could convert the tv's optical to coaxial if you have a free port http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=29293&&source=14&doy=15m1

You wouldn't have to keep changing cables around this way either!


I don't know what the sound quality would be like if you output the sound from the headphone jack, probably not brilliant but not that bad either. It wouldn't cost you much to find out. Hope this helps a little. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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Re: connect PS3 to surround sound via HDTV

I have to agree on the remote control thing. I have a universal remote and it's so irritating being able to control everything from it except my PS3. It was a mistake not to include an IR receiver on the front of the console. If they want to call this a home entertainment device they should at least release some sort of USB attachment. The ones from third parties only allow you to access the basic DVD controls. Not all the fancy BD ones that you get on the official remote.



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