07 Feb 2012
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problems with netflix

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hi all.


im after some advice, im having issues using netflix with my ps3. it seems the problem is to do with the slow speeds im getting.


i have done some test and wireless is getting around 6 meg and wired is getting up to 18 meg. this wouldnt be a problem for gaming but its affecting my streaming for netflix.


i dont want to use the x word but my 360 kicks ass giving me a good hd image but is mongish and wont do subtitles for some reason so id rathe ruse my ps3.


its really annoying as i can do a speed test just after the ps3 test and get a good solid 50 meg.


does anyone have any ideas why i would be getting slow speeds on the ps3 either wieless or wired? ive looked all over the internet and cant find any help from either sony or virgin.





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Re: problems with netflix

Can you stream HD content fine from other services such as Lovefilm on PS3?
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