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08 Aug 2011
By Jcarlos100


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ps3 80gb green light of death

0 Replies 541 Views Created 08-08-2011

soo my ps3 got a ylod but i fixed it with the heat gun and thermal compound method

after that it worked fine i played mw2 blops but later when i got bored i tried played fallout new vegas it said i needed to install a patch i picked ok install it then froze i waited an hour so i turned it off and tried installing again it kept freezing at the installation i turned it off but this time it froze on the xmb :(


it then started showing ylod symtoms so again i reflowed it but this time it worked for good

so thats fixed now the real problem:


i connect my hdmi into the tv and turn it on without the top but nothing shows up on the tv just blacknes "/ (even with the top nothing btw) 


-controller wont connect to the ps3 not even with the usb


-the light indicators of the hdd and the wifi


-no audio or video


-cant access recovery mode


sooo any ideas on what i can do to fix this?



additional info

iv read around the internet thats its the rsx chip losing connection or even the harddrive not working


now for the rsx chip i have tried the 4 penny trick i have tyried it but all that happens is the fans come on very loud like a airplane xD. iv also taken out the hdd and boot it up nothing changes nothing on the tv and no progress


ps3 80gb fat version

tried with other tv+composite cable

2 yrs old

refurb ps3 model

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