29 Dec 2011


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ps3 battlefield 3 online pass problem

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I brought a new ps3 and i tried to pplay battlefield online but because i used it on my old ps3 it didnt work and has been saying online pass not registered please try again later and when i type in my online pass it says its no longer valid. I have tried going into the playstation store and going into to my past downloaded items but it doesnt show up. How can i register my online pass for battlefeild on my new ps3.


please email me back at: [Removed]

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Re: ps3 battlefield 3 online pass problem

The Battlefield online pass allows online access for different accounts on the same console, but you'll need another pass to play on a different console - it can be bought from the PS Store.

Oh and you'll wanna try and avoid posting personal information, it's against the House Rules :smileyhappy:
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