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10 Feb 2013
By viktordevlinftw


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DAMEYESUKBADTOO's UGC mission series

0 Replies 4,723 Views Created 10-02-2013
10 Feb 2013
By viktordevlinftw
(I am the same person who created the dameyesukbadtoo account, but i have forgot the password so i cant comment on the forums with that account so i created a new one just for the forums)

My mission series is called The Kuo Kidnapping

-Its located on the bottom island near the Huge Cabaret Building
-its tags are narrative and battle
-Kuo ends up getting kidnapped and the story's about finding Kuo and it has tons of actions and huge boss fights over 3 episodes
-in the first mission make sure you stay on ground level and follow the dot on the minimap to start out with, and before you can fight the boss you have to click through the captions first
- based on others reviews the episodes from best to worst are: 2,3, then 1
- Part 1 (to find type in The Kuo Kidnapping (Part 1)- The First Lord BOSS FIGHT!) is basically a short intro to the trilogy (should take 3-5mins) and at the end Kuo is kidnapped
- Part 2 is longer at around 12-15mins to finish
- Part 3 is the most popular at around 1723 plays and counting and it concludes the trilogy with fun action
Thank you! The first mission is admittedly not as good as 2 and 3 due to my lack of experience when i created the first one but 2 and 3 has been enjoyed by many with 4.5 stars and 4 stars
Have fun!!!!!!
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