13 Feb 2012


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Looking for some feedback on first UGC mission (scratch built)

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I've spent the last couple of days becoming aquainted with the UGC toolbox and this is what I have to show for it. Intending to do some followups hence the (ep01) in the title.


This is built from a blank canvas rather than a template, so hopefull not some trashy "did it 4 teh trophiez" mission. I was basically learning as I went and redoing stuff that didn't work. Must have run through the mission abou 50 times now checking nothing is obviously broken (and yes, stuff was at times!).


About the only thing I'm not happy with is the little "cutscene" before the fight breaks out. Lack of camera control when you disable joypad input is kind of a pain, but I see I'm not the only one who has an issue with the lack of tools for this (and saw some suggestions for camera control tools; get on that Sucker Punch! :smileyvery-happy:).


Love the cutscene tools though. They were fun to create. Might go back and edit the mission to solve the above issue with the use of those instead.


Anyway, here's the mission. Would welcome some feedback!


Rogue Element - (ep01) Housewarming:

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Re: Looking for some feedback on first UGC mission (scratch built)

I just queued it and will play it in the next few days.  I normally try to play a queued mission or two before I get into any lengthy sessions in the UGC editor.

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