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09 Dec 2011
By LordConzul


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YES! Finally! (inFamous 2 errors, UGC requests, etc)

0 Replies 494 Views Created 09-12-2011
09 Dec 2011
By LordConzul

I've been trying for ages to log into a PSN based site, but the stupid service would claim I had a password/ID mismatch. Finally went through the wringer with SONY tech support. Here goes:


The Bad:


- The UGC swearword censoring thingy censors out the following words in mission titles, descriptions, reviews, and dialogue: ("after", "ass", "gay", "election"). Those shouldn't be bleeped out, especially when the main character himself can be heard spouting stronger profanities.


- Unless Cole is in the standing position, he can fire grenades/rockets/blasts as fast as the player can press the button. (i.e. try it while flying, grinding, falling, or perching. You'll see what I mean)


The Wishlist:


- give us the large fishing boat for UGC (the one they entered New Marais in). Can think of dozens of missions I'd like to have made with this, considering all the water present on the map.


- give us a logic node that lets us set up a slo-motion moment for epicness. I glitched a slo-mo moment into a UGC mission, so I could demonstrate what I mean. (the mission is called Bikini Glitch, check it out - lolz)


- as has been said, compress all main characters into a category so we can use more of them at a time in our missions.


- add the Militia Supplies category. You know, the collection of stuff you throw off the boats in those missions where you throw stuff off the boats.


The Good:


- I call it the "Nappin' Nix" glitch. After Nix drops you off from the boat ride, she starts getting all emotional and says she needs to go punch something. While this dialogue is happening, leave the boat and climb the nearby lighthouse. Now look inland. Directly across the street, there's a short (yellow, I think) house with a slanted roof. Go over onto it and search the roof after Nix warps away. You'll see her up there taking a snooze.


The Misc:


- check out my mission series called "Teach Me, Demon". I just made them, WIP.

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