05 Dec 2011


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Need female voice actor for Uncharted 3 abridged series!

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Hey guys, my names Ian and I recently started a re-dubbed version of Uncharted 3 called 'Drake's Misfortune' with my business partner. Here's the first episode (Warning: Contains VERY strong language!):


We had a lot of fun doing this, but as we progressed we realised neither of us can fake a realistic female voice. Or a British accent for that matter.


That's why we're here, we're looking for a female voice actor to play Marlowe/Chloe/Elena. Your responsibilties will be as follows:


*Voice the above characters.

*Have your lines recorded and sent to us as soon as possible.


That's it! Although optionally:

*Become involved in the scriptwriting process. 


We're always looking for someone else to be involved in the creative process, so if you've got an awesome voice and a sense of humour, please let us know you're interested.


Of course, we need to impose some restrictions:


*Please have (or be able to fake reasonably well) a British accent.

*Please please PLEASE have a decent mike.

and above all:

*PLEASE have a sense of humour. No-one likes a workaholic!


That's it! Send me an PM or e-mail me at: if you want to get involved.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Need female voice actor for Uncharted 3 abridged series!

Nice idea, maybe lose the swearing so you don't get age-gated on youtube, and turn the whole thing into a 'rifftrax' style parody/mickey taker. Good luck with it.

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