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Betreff: HOARD - Zeigt her eure Drachen!

Hallo, ihr lieben HOARD Fans! :smileyhappy:


Wir haben von den Entwicklern von "HOARD" eine Nachricht bezüglich des HOARD Events erhalten, die wir euch auf keinen Fall vorenthalten möchten. :Thumbs:


Here at Big Sandwich, we had a very fun time looking over your posts and entries for the HOARD-themed event.  We want to thank you for taking the time to photograph your dragons and collections.  There were some creative things in there!


We hope that you have had a chance to download and play HOARD now.  Perhaps fitting a session or two in between your attempts at solving crime in 1940s L.A., or saving the universe from hostile aliens?  If you have played HOARD, we sincerely hope you have enjoyed it and are improving your treasure collection skills by the day!


Here at Big Sandwich Games, we love what we do, but a huge part of that is when we know we have given people something fun to do.  Thanks again for your participation in the event!


Happy HOARDing! --Tyler Sigman and the Big Sandwich Games crew


Here are our responses to some of your fine entries!



Arneagle—I guess being a dragon does have certain advantages…like cooking eggs even when the gas is off!

Le_Belge76140—This dragon looks trapped in the glass…let him out!



LordRoss—Well, dinosaurs are just underdeveloped dragons, I suppose!

Pacman_Ownage—I hope they all made it safely back into storage! That’s quite a legion. Also, our money is on the cats…they have that dragon outnumbered!

PhoeniX-J-five—Ha ha!

Mikal_Drey—More proof that dragons are well-read.



Stratege – A fierce collection of dragons! HOARD-approved!

Drdizzy – Vintage dragons are a nice touch.

Kordhard – As scaled flying beast to mechanical flying beasts, we must stick together!



HOARD trivia note: our lead programmer, Peter Holubowicz, is Polish!

Rympal – We like the coin hoard these dragons have collected!

Rympal—Well done with the comic, ha ha. Our Polish programmer thoroughly enjoyed it and tried to translate it to the rest of us. “The negotiations are over” for that sheep, truly!

xWisnia_PL—that YoYo case is stylin’!

Ssazki—This dragon looks to have a lot of gaming hours ahead of him!

Emeraldar—We always knew dragons were literate!

Rafa_Ello—Do these origami dragons drink tea or coffee? Our lead programmer swears by tea (7 cups a day), but many of us drink coffee.  Go Canada! (we see the cup in the last picture J

Coldmath—All you are missing is a dragon sitting proudly on his hoard!



RealHeffer—Breathing fire is thirsty work! We like this little dragon!

Arkana68—Is this the last thing an archer sees?

Marshel1987—We are imagining vuvuzelas blaring in the background…

Superfelix2002—This dragon has a natural advantage to playing HOARD. Now we know who has been winning all those games!



fantasyfreak—We are impressed! It looks sort of like all of our artists’ desks.  When we moved offices, it took many boxes to fit all the action figures, nerf guns, and other toys!

Rikketikkie—We love this hatchling! One day, he’ll be torching cities and stomping knights…awwww.

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Betreff: HOARD - Zeigt her eure Drachen!

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hehe hab es mit meinem sohn  gespielt , haben uns abgelacht weil wir immer besser sein wollten und doch net geschafft wie wir wollten....



hab das spiel runtergeladen , leider unter arkanchen , aber trotzdem hat es fun gemacht


Das Leben besteht aus vielen kleinen Münzen.Wer sie aufzuheben weiß,hat ein Vermögen.

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