15 Apr 2012
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Problem with "bought" geonet items not downloading

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I bought 4 farian house items and 3 of them haven't downloaded and wont download, they have a little sack with a downward red arrow next to them and when I go on there to download them it says "no content was found" 
The only one that did download was the first in the queue the others did not.

I am wondering what I should do now to either get those items or the money spent on them back

Will post screenshots if that helps.

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Re: Problem with "bought" geonet items not downloading

The geonet store is pretty broken and doesn't look like it will be fixed any time soon.

Since they're all the same price you probably decided to buy the items with higher numbers after them, but that can cause the download to fail.

If an item has 2 or more entries with a 10 or 20 after it (for example) then its better to buy the lower number. If the store was working properly you wouldn't see a second entry for a DLC item since the second entry would just allow you to buy another 10 of the same item.

I don't know if you'd be able to get a refund from Sony for this though as they haven't even acknowledged that this problem exists.
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