07 Jul 2012
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Can't connect to UGC

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Hi got my PS3 a few weeks ago and I'm attempting to get my first Platinum trophy in Infamous 2. 


My problem is...

When I start the game "UGC Online" message pops up, I press X then few seconds later "UGC Offline" message pops up... 
I go into User generated content in the menu and press "Connect to..." wait a few seconds then the message for online comes up then offline.

I'm 100% sure I'm connected to PSN, I've completed the game 2 times and I've double checked I confirmed Eula. My copy of Infamous 2 is 2nd hand. 

Can anyone help me out? I've tried searching on google found a bunch of people with fimilar problems but theres never a solution. 

Basically same problem as this dude

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Re: Can't connect to UGC

Where the hell is close thread. Got solution from  suckpunch forum. mod close this please

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Re: Can't connect to UGC

just mark it as solved by clicking Options > Accept as solution

RandAPle4 on a tombstone because I get killed alot.
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