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07 Nov 2012
By AniGravity


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Assassins Creed 3 Glitches

0 Replies 957 Views Created 07-11-2012
07 Nov 2012
By AniGravity

Thought i'd start a discussion threads for glitches in AC3, so far I've found a bunch, but here are my more fun ones that I've discovered... I guess this is what happens when every year they set themselves the task to make a new ac and always designing from the bottom up... anyway :P


1. peg leg trinket (frontier, the one near the waterfall section), when you fall into the ravine you can land in an area which doesnt auto kill you, walking a bit to the left or right will onset instant death :)

2. when raiding a fort in the frontier go to pick lock the treasure chest, stop before you actually pick it, run and pick up the nearest gun powder barrel, walk a bit and watch the madness ensue... you are now stuck inside the treasure chest.

3. when eavesdropping sit on a near by bench, straight after the conversation if there are steps infront of you r1+x and you should be able to climb on the stairs as if it is a high object. you'll end up sinking into the map unable to get to normal terrain, only choice is to drop infinitely into the white vortex below until you finally die and desynchronise.

4. in the frontier kill every red coat until you're noteriety lvl 3, have the commanders chase you and then escape their run, if you have an assassins contract nearing completion, i.e. the one were you end up saving the black couple, go and save them and complete the mission. as the cutscenes flow one of the major/commanders will spot you and try to kill you while you're still conversing through the cutscene... i had to skip the scene so as to not die and desynchronise... good thing is though, not only do you complete the mission but your notoriety meter gets reset aswell :)


i'll keep posting new ones i find, but i wonder if anyone else had the same experience so far when playing it. :)

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