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09 Jun 2018
By Zoob_M


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Quantic Dream should add a flowchart based Movie Mode

0 Replies 193 Views Created 09-06-2018
09 Jun 2018
By Zoob_M

Detroit: Become Human is very much like a movie. the majority of gameplay comes from the flowchart system. therefore, adding a movie mode to this game makes just as much sense as adding a photo mode to Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War.


in this mode, players will see their choices play out as if they are watching a movie. the game will use a flowchart to determine the script. the flow chart will consist of the flowchart already in game, as well as a flow chart for dialogue options not featured in the original flow, such as Kara's bedtime story.


the gameplay for flowchart mode will function in one of a few ways. first, players can review any chapter of their current play session, in which case, the game uses the flow chart of the play session itself. second, players can use a flowchart editor to select any options they have unlocked. on one hand, the flowchart editor will allow them to change the paths available in later chapters, by editing the flowchart of earlier chapters. on the other hand, it will allow the to construct a new flow chart for any chapter, and watch it play out like a movie. lastly, the game could play itself for the most part, while allowing players to choose all of their options from a list.


this mode will have multiple benefits. first off, choosing options from a list as the game plays itself will act as a sort of assist mode for people with accessibility issues. second, being able to edit one's choices in a flowchart editor, based on choices from multiple playthroughs, will be its own assist mode. lastly, it will act as a social function, allowing people record and share their version of the story for their friends to see, even if they did not record it while playing. the mode will achieve this by cutting down on human error, such as losing a character due to missing a button prompt, stretching out gameplay footage by getting lost in a stage, or losing a character due to taking too long to complete a task.


Quantic Dream games are very much interactive movies. with Detroit: Become Human, it is time to fully embrace this fact.

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