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06 jun 2012
Por marle27


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Q&A E3 Webchat - Beyond

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06 jun 2012
Por marle27

BEYOND: Two Souls

TalllPaul wrote:

Heavy Rain was based heavily on narration as will be Beyond. What will make Beyond different to Heavy Rain and will Beyond have Playstation Move functionality? 


Ray says: "The key diffrence between Heavy Rain and BEYOND: Two Souls is the scope, in terms of the technology we're using, the scope and the talent. If Heavy Rain is film noire, this is our Michael Bay movie - so think TRANSFORMERS in terms of spectacle. That's not to say we've moved away from mature, well-rounded charatcers - it's just that they are now in a much more action-packed context.

Also, this time around we are more about direct control - you'll still have the on-screen prompts and this is combined with you controlling Jodie's movements directly in real time. On top of that, when you're controlling Aiden, you're in full control."


Yaster wrote:
You've scored some big Hollywood talent in gettign Ellen Page to star in BEYOND. I'm wondering if all of the rest of the voice and motion casting was based around US talent.

I had a feeling that French was the lead voice track in Heavy Rain, which still made for a great experience, putting French language on and English subtitles. But are there any more big names to be annouced do you know?


Ray says: "We've taken on board the feedback from Heavy Rain and really wanted to make sure the acting talent for BEYOND: Two Souls is top notch. We think the acting is really natural and true to life in BEYOND: Two Souls."

 TalllPaul wrote:
We all remember that fabulous tech demo of Kara which left most of us with our jaws on the floor. Has this tech been utilised in creating Beyond? Does Beyond push the PS3s power to its limits?


Ray says:
Kara was a demo of Quantic Dream's new technology which BEYOND: Two Souls uses. It's worth noting that when Kara was released, it was already a year old.


magorich asked via Twitter:
The story - please tell us about the story

Ray says:

The story is about Jodie Holmes, and in the game you play through 15 years of her life.

She’s always been connected to this entity, and although she doesn’t understand it she knows she’s connected. The story is about her connection to the entity and where this takes her.


Thanks to Ray for his time answering questions about BEYOND: Two Souls - so we'll leave the last word to Ray to tell us about what reaction he's had so far from people looking at the game at close quarters: "So far, people have been very positive about it - they're astounded by the visuals and intrigued by the story. During last night's press conference, I heard some genuine gasps at the detail on the characters' faces and the visuals in general. People are very excited to see where we take interactive drama and we'll be revealing much more in the coming months.."


d1capo asks:
Does BEYOND: Two Souls have several endings depending on your choices in the game? If so, will that be two ending like in InFamous for example, or multiple ending such as in Heavy Rain?

Ray says:
Of course just as with all of our games, choice is intergral. Choices that you make have a real impact. You'll play it again and again to build your relationship with Jodie and see everything the game has to offer.


To give you an idea of the scope of the game, in Heavy Rain, there were 28 cameras. In BEYOND, we've been using 64 cameras. It's very similar to Avatar, using full performance capture. With traditional mo-cap you capture the body in one shot, then get actors in the booth to do voice and face work. Sometimes you get a bit of disconnect that way.


For BEYOND, you can do all of it in one shot. The end result is much more true to the actor's performance because it is the technique they use in Hollywood.

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