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06 jun 2012
Por marle27


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Q&A E3 Webchat - The Last of Us

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06 jun 2012
Por marle27

The Last of Us


We have Antony Newman here from The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog. Here's how it's been for him so far:


This is actually my first time first time at the press conference. The crowd reaction blew me away. I was really excited to see Hideo Kojima tweet to say how impressed he was with what we showed.


Facebook -
Jan Prusalowicz the last of us: is it gonna be stealth? will it have pure survival and horror elements? will this game give to the player choices of action making so the game playable in different game styles: shooter,stealth, diplomacy and so on?


Anthony says:
There's not a lot of diplomacy left in this world unfortunately! Nevertheless, stealth gameplay is important because you are dealing with human opponents who will stop at nothing to survice. You have to use every advantage you can, one of which of course is the element of suprise which can be very powerful indeed. Other types of gameplay including the improvised melee combat - in the demo we showed a pipe can be used as a weapon. Your three main tools for tackling enemies: stealth, melee weapons and shooting, or a combination of all three.


Cimbrer asked:
what types of gameplay elements can we expect from The Last of Us? 

Anthony says: The Last of Us is a survival /action game, so you can expect the kind of tension and limited ammo of a survival game, but the action is more fast and fluid like a classic action title. There is a fairly deep melee combat element, as it’s set in a world where mass production has ceased no bullets. Fists and pipes that you can find are the key weapons.


There’s a fairly sizeable stealth element, but it’s up to the player’s play style to leverage that. Its vastly different as you tackle the different encounters you come across.


azakajam wrote:

For Anthony Newman!


Loved the gameplay of The Last of Us! I was wondering if we can expect multiplayer or at least co-op? 

 Can't wait for the release! 


Anthony: We are not revealing details at this time around multiplayer.


umiHattori askedHas The Last of Us drawn influence from any particular movies?


A lot of movies we looked for influence. Anything where minimalist presentation acheives a really high level of tension, we like seeing humanity in both antagonists and protagonists, driven by a strong sense of self preservation. We like stories where an older guy is trying to take care of a young charge in a harsh world gone sour - innocence versus experience is a big, big theme for us.



Last of us - Will this be linear or non linear as will choices affect later in game?


Anthony: "In order to achieve maximum dramatic effect, we are telling a set story. Nevertheless, within that we're offering players a lot of freedom as to how they progress and make their way to the end of that story."


Abrar_96 asked via Twitter: What's the relationship between the two main characters?


Anthony says: Joel is an older guy who’s been around since before the plague has hit society. He’s seen the world when civilisation is still around, while Ellie only knows a bit of what the world was like before the pandemic. Joel has been asked by a dying friend to smuggle Ellie out of the military city where Joel was a smuggler and Ellie was raised.


We asked Antony what it was like to make the step away from the Uncharted series with The Last of Us.


Anthony says:

If you look at the Uncharted games, we tend to play with an AI companion for much of the game - Chloe, Sully. We get so much mileage out of that. You can experience an fledgling relationship, so it made sense to continue that in a way. Hugely important for us that cut scenes are balanced by gameplay that tells a story.


Ok, so just to wrap up with Anthony, what has struck you most about the audience reaction to the game at E3 2012:


At the press conference, it was so great to actually to be there in the room because there really was a strong electricity and tension that it was exciting to be a part of. Since then, it's super gratifying to see how excited people are on Twitter and other online channels - especially as this was the first time we showed some actual gameplay.


It was a much mulled overdecision to go with the slow burning demo, but it really drew the crowd in. I was really pleased for my boss - he has never normally played a game live like that before. He pulled it off.

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