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07 Jun 2011
By IzzyJ


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A Newbie's Guide to E3 - Day 1

0 Replies 46 Views Created 07-06-2011
07 Jun 2011
By IzzyJ



Her er en liten oppsummering fra MusterBuster sin tur til Amerika. Han var så heldig at han fikk tur til E3, og her er hvordan turen utartet seg!


"A Newbie's Guide to E3

Day 1.



First things first; for a man who’s never been further afield than Italy, taking 5 (hideously excited) strangers on a bloody big plane and setting off for the United States of America is terrifying. Not only because one of them ordered a pint of Guinness at the airport, but also because they’re competition winners from our PlayStation Access events earlier in the year. They went through a lot to get their prizes; it’s on me to make sure this trip is nothing short of epic.


Bags packed and ready to rock, I said goodbye to Yaster and KloudShun in SCEE towers and made my way to Heathrow.


After security I met up with 3 of the 4 competition winners: Matt, Aiden and Wayne. The other chap, Alan, was making his own way to LA and we would hook up with him later.


The flight is an 11 hour affair involving a jumbo and some economy/sardine-tin seating. The captain explained that we would leave London by looping up through Scotland, on to Greenland and down to LA through Canada:






I was pretty certain there were faster, more cost efficient routes to take to LA, but I let the captain off when he explained that my ideas of geography were old school, and promptly promised beautiful sights as we passed over Greenland.


Which is where the Epic starts:






I’m a sucker for nature, and promptly eclipsed the window for the other passengers staring gormlessly at Greenland. It’s a gorgeous country; I’ll go there and look for polar bears one day.


The rest of the flight was thoroughly uneventful, except the part where me and Wayne threw our hands in the air as we passed through what the pilot called “unexpected weather”, and we landed safe and sound in LAX Airport at 8:00PM local time (or 3AM BST). We grabbed a cab, and set off down Sunset Boulevard towards our hotel.


Which rocks:




We then hooked up with Alan and immediately sympathised with him. Where we had spent a mere 11 hours flying, he had spent 15 after transferring at New York air port. Ouch.


In the mood for celebrating our completed E3 "massive", we asked the hotel staff where to grab food and drinks, and he pointed us next door. Which, in fact, was a ranch style bar with a mechanical bull in it:




The night was short though, we were all dropping asleep. We headed back to our hotel to get some rest for the week ahead."




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