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14 May 2013
By ice75_man


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Cher Lloyd feat. Mike Posner With Ur Love dlc for Everbody Dance

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14 May 2013
By ice75_man

Yes I purchased and installed Cher Lloyd feat. Mike Posner With Ur Love on Tues May the 7th, I went to play it today and it wasn't there.  So of course I went back into my downloads and redownloaded it, same thing not there Then goin through the menu of the game itself and it has an option to delete individual dlc dance songs.  I know which 14 I have but one of was wrong, it was Willow Whip Your Hair, which is a song included on the game disc. I deleted it and tried quiting the game, which resulted in the beep beep beep and it rebooted my PS3, started up the game and neither was there. I I quit the game again and went into the store and redownloaded and installed it and had the same thing. Plus while I was in there I checked and the song it was giving me was also in a song pack of 4 songs which included the one I was accidentally getting, and also available seperately but it was marked as a price not purchased in the store. Not sure if anyone else has or is having the same problem, but I am hoping it can be fixed. It is a London Studios game which is also adding to the problem of being an over seas game, which makes customer service for it a lil harder (speaking from Singstar experience when I got a new PS3 and had to get them to  authorise my new PS3 to redownload their "one system only songs") I tried to get a refund from the North American store and it was declined, I tried contacting the Playstation UK and got an e-mail back to contact the North American Store. I know it's only 2.49 but I want the song and if I can't get someone to fix the song don't I have the right for a refund? So frustrating what if it was a $60 dollar game that was messed up and everyone was dealing with it? Why should it matter that it may just be me, I am a paying customer too! I have paid quite a crapload into the store since my first PS3!

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