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18 Dec 2010
By abzdine


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EyePet save transfer issue (normal edition <===> Move edition)

0 Replies 431 Views Created 18-12-2010
18 Dec 2010
By abzdine

Hi guys, I looked in the other pages I haven't seen any problem like mine..


Well I bought EyePet last year and I gave up after a few month because of the magic card recognition issues. Well now with Move, things are much better but the problem comes after the data transfer from the normal edition to the Move edition, and especially the prizes who aren't transferred.. 


Right now i'm blocked with the trophy "Prize Bonanza" because there is a Prize I can't have but I had it on the normal edition. The description of the prize tells me to complete the "Let's Draw" challenge but the problem is that this challenge is locked!!!!!!!!


For more info, please take a look at these two pictures i took.. I have a gold medal in every challenge but this one is locked! Thank you for the help in advance!!!






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