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01 Oct 2010
By GraphiteGB


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Quick guide to Eyepet Move Download edition challenges (DON'T READ IF NOT STUCK)

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01 Oct 2010
By GraphiteGB
 A guide to Eyepet Move edition challenges. 
If your save import removed any items just replay the challenge. It will re unlock
Basic task - means do as told with out trying to short cut the instructions on screen

Day 1

Let's play  - basic task

Let's feed  - basic task

Let's style  - basic task

Let's wash - basic task

Day 2

Let's take photos - basic task

Pro bowler - basic task

100m dash - basic task to get you to move quickly. 

Friendly face - Get your face on screen in the pet area. Get your pet to touch/cover your face. Wiggle your nose. Take photo. 

Day 3

Let's draw - basic task

Paparazzi pet - wants photos of pets face, learn your pets movements. 

Cookie catch - Cookies must be thrown high into the top 1/5 of the screen 

Turtle Roll- Needs prize from let's draw.

Day 4
You're it  - basic task

Balloon bumper - design your car with smooth wheels increases car speed. Add spikes to car front and rear in your design. 

Bounce high- luck

Bowled over- change you pets fir to full black, all of it.

Day 5
Bubble frenzy- luck

Play fight  - basic task

Grandprix- again nice round wheels equals easy fast car. Stay still the pet will jump on. 

Monster rampage- needs bubble frenzy completed for the monster out fit

Day 6

Let's sing - Remove any other noise from room. learn how tone repeating works on eyepet. 

Sing and smash - cheat. use any thing you can to generate the sounds needed

Bounce and pop - luck 

Bubble trouble - slow movement on bubble machine creates bigger bubbles

Day 7

let's garden-  - basic task learning gardening skills 

Car croquet - Nice round wheels again don't go to fast or pet will fall off.

Pin perfect- learn the fake 3D Bowling angels. 

Heavy metal - leather jacket prize from Day 7, car croquet needed and a bandana

Day 8

Ballon pop - basic task

Shooting stars - basic task

Whack a weed - be carefull with your hand size to big and you'll kill flowers. Use a few fingers. 

Flutter by - correct flower will trigger butter fly. No butterfly or different insect, you don't have the tulip. change head gear. Unlocked from Day 7, let's garden. When your pet does stand still the rest is automatic. take photo.

Day 9

Hurdle hurry- use the x button to jump.

Flower arranging- just match the flowers and colours  

Follow the leader - basic task 

Air force - British WWII costume including hat.
Day 6, sing and smash unlocks the hat, Day 9 flower arranging unlocks the jacket, fly the plane, take photo. 

Day 10

Fruit crush - you swing the bat. the pet will chuck the melons don't move. The pet will run around.

Circus hoop - basic task

Slam dunk  - basic task

Snowy scene - this needs a Parka jacket. it's the big fat explorer fur covered jacket. Yes an animal wearing fur that's the hole joke. There are 3 parkas to use

Day 11

Let's play snap - snap. use 2 hands. one for the card deck. One for the snap pile. before you move your card to the pile. Think what the current card is over and over. Nothing can be done if you cant remember or see what's on the cards. You will lose. The pet will even give you plenty of chances. 

Flying disc - place the robot in front of the pet. You can not realy miss

Danger pin - Don't try to do it with one bowl, take two shots some times.

Tiger trainer - strippy orange pet needed. due to time delay you need to press the photo button before the hoop

Day 12

Balloon rally - hit it high and the pet will do fine.

Pet speed record - learn the button timing that equals the hight and the distance. The objects get higher and closer. 

Rainbow race - basic task

Juggling jester - requires 2 items unlocked, 1 from let's play snap, the other from balloon rally. Get the pet changed. Take photo when balloons are not on the floor. 

Day 13

Let's fish - basic task learn fishing

Pet hoopla - basic task, biggest first, use robot to throw in this order green, pink, orange. 

Keep'em up - use all your upper body. Arms, hands, head.

Fruit salad - use bee out fit prize from Let's fish, use a fruit material to make balloons. 

Day 14

Rally record  - basic task - tennis. 

Dodgeball danger - basic task. watch out for the fake 3D

Fishing frenzy - basic task, just faster catching of fish.

Polar pet - White pet as nature intended.

Day 15

Dance moves - keep the puppet of the floor or Down won't register. If you can't remember the 8 directions, write them down, if you restart the challenge the sequence won't reset. Quit and the sequence will reset. 

Music statues -  basic puppet controll. if you have shacky hands this is harder

Target smash - Tennis but aiming to reflect the ball into targets.

Karate master - use wood as puppet material, and out fit unlocked from, Day 15 Dance moves, take photo when pet attacks. 


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Re: Quick guide to Eyepet Move Download edition challenges (DON'T READ IF NOT STUCK)

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