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02 Aug 2013
By ryannumber3gamer
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Playstation All-Stars:All-Stars Unite

0 Replies 861 Views Created 02-08-2013
02 Aug 2013
By ryannumber3gamer

Basically this is a story I've been doing on the official PS All-Star forums and I thought I would post it here as well. I'm on Part 9 right now so I'll try to get all the parts posted.


Part 1 


(The Story starts out with Orvus from R&C A Crack in Time narrating)


Orvus-One of the biggest mysteries of the universe was is there a such thing as time travel and if there was, could it be used for evil. My son Clank and his best friend Ratchet learned the truth of the universe's greatest secret when they stopped Dr.Nefarious and General Alister Azimuth from changing the time stream but they didn't know it would destroy the universe. My son and Ratchet saved the universe once again. One thing that none of them knew was that while I and the Zoni protected the great clock, one thing i wanted to know was the universe's second secret. Was there different worlds or universes out there not the same as ours. It is unfortunate i never got to find out but i hope that Clank will be able to find out the secret....


(The scene switches over to Metropolis)


Ratchet-So your father was attempting to travel to different universes and worlds before Nefarious got to him?

Clank-It appears that way. Sigmund found out a Zoni had traveled into the future and told my father of our victory when he got back.

Ratchet-Listen Clank i know you miss him...i miss Alister and my father as well....listen I'll leave you alone, I'm gonna go fix the warp drive on the ship.


(Meanwhile in Haven City)

Keira-Jak! come to check out the new teleporter i've been building?

Daxter-I don't know about Jak but old Log-Head made me come.

Jak-Heh thought i'd check up on you andi brought my mod gun like you asked.

Keira-Great, i've been working on an upgraded gun mod with the help of......

Tess-Keira! Is that my Daxter i hear?!

Daxter-Ah my Tessypoo is here.

Jak-Ugh great here we go....


Jak-Just trust me, get me a bucket...

(Daxter and Tess firt a bit)

Jak-Oh please, take this somewhere else like 10 miles down the street

Tess-Let me warn you Jak...I look harmless but just remember I'm a weapons expert, If one hair on Daxter's head is hurt I'll hunt you down....Ok? Anyway here's your new weapon mod, Good luck out there Jak!

(Jak & Daxter run into the gun course which is used to show how to use Jak in All-Stars.)

Keira-Nice work out there boys! I think i have this teleporter just about finished...

Tess-Umm Jak we have a problem

Jak-What? Did the Metal Heads attack again?

Tess-noooo everyone's purple and they have yellow eyes.....

(Suddenly a sound comes out of speakers around Heaven City)

Polygon Ashelin-Citizens of Heaven City, the city is now under the control of the great Polygon Man. Stand By to be turned into Polygon minions!

Tess-Guys the minions are heading this way!!!!


Keira-1 minute if i get you're help to start connecting it., Listen me and Tess will hold the minions off, I need you guys to go into the gun course and hit the buttons, it will be the final step to getting the teleporter online.

(Jak & Daxter do that)

Keira-The portal's out of control!!!!!

Tess-Thats the least of our worries! (Suddenly both Keira and Tess are grabbed and forced out of the building)

Daxter-Jak hold on!!!!


(Jak & Daxter are sucked into the portal as a blinding purple light hits the ground outside turning the final citizans of Jak & Daxter's world into Polygon minions.)


(In Ratchet & Clank's world)

(The warp drive blows up in Ratchet's face as a blinding light from across the city appears)

Ratchet-Ah crap...

Clank-Ratchet....there appears to be trouble downtown....

(Interglatic News comes up)

Darla Gratch-Big news just happened right here. A purple head just appeared out of nowhere right now and started turning people into purple versions of themselves with yellow the same time half way across the city a young man around 20-25 years old and a orange creature landed on the city wether if there's a connection between the two is unknown but its likely that the purple creature will have taken over every galaxy in less than a few hours, the only question everyone's minds is where are Ratchet & Clank? (Suddenly a purple ray hits her) If anyone knows where the Lombax, Robot,Ottsel, and Elf like alien is then the great Polygon Man demands to know where they are.

Ratchet-Come on Clank! every citizen of Metropolis will be at our doorstep with Mr.Zurkon's in 5 minutes! 

Clank-I believe i have managed to locate the elf and ottsel.

Ratchet-(Grabs hoverboots and weapons) Lets go Clank!


(Ratchet & Clank fight their way through the city)


Jak-Where are we!?

Daxter-I have no idea but no worries, Orange Lightning can handle this!

(Suddenly a Polygon Mr.Zurkon attempts to shoot Daxter)


Jak-(Gets blaster out) This should be fun)

(after 5 minutes Jak runs out of ammo and him and Daxter are stuck in a circle of Mr.Zurkons)

Jak-Daxter its been a fun ride.....looks like this is it......

Ratchet:THINK AGAIN ELF BOY! (Throws Constructo pistol)

Jak-Elf Boy? (grabs pistol)

Daxter-Jak! Look behind the robots, a teleporter...but its not a teleporter i've ever seen.

(Ratchet & Clank land into the circle)

(Ratchet, and Jak shoot down the Mr.Zurkons)

Ratchet-How do we get out of here? We don't got much time before more come!

Jak-What about that teleporter?

Ratchet....Hmmm it could work, Clank how long would it take to get it working?

Clank-2 minutes

Jak-Get working on it! We can hold these robots off....By the way, the name's Jak, my friend's called Daxter

Ratchet-I'm Ratchet. my friend's name is Clank.

Jak-Ok Clank fix that teleporter me and Ratchet will hold off the robots...Heh bet i can shoot more that ya.

Ratchet-Your on!

Clank-Daxter if i may ask how did you get here?

Daxter- we were sucked into a teleporter in Heaven City and landed here....

Clank-and our ships warp drive blew up as soon as you guys landed, it must mean with that Polygon man and our warp drive, you landed here from a different world.

Jak-How much longer Clank!?

Clank-Got it! Hurry up its linked to a different world from ours but its our only hope! ....Linked to Heaven City.....

Jak-Come on Ratchet, looks like we're heading home Dax....

(Ratchet,Clank,Jak, & Daxter jump into the portal taking them back to Heaven City)


Anyway if you like it please leave a kudos and tell me how i can improve.

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Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is great!
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix FTW!
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