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29 Sep 2009
By pepikJS


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Syphon Filter Movie

0 Replies 1,095 Views Created 29-09-2009
29 Sep 2009
By pepikJS
Syphon Filter was a legendary PSX game. I take characters, voices and story from Syphon Filter, put that all in GTA IV and with "Video Editor" feature I made a comeback of legend. With my own style, I'm proud to present you the action-thriller-fun-based remake - Syphon Filter 2 the Movie (part1). Biggest story you have ever seen on GTA IV engine.

Syphon Filter. Hell yeah. This will leave the mark.
Next part comming soon. Stay tuned!

Story of Syphon Filter 2 in shortly (if you don't know it):
In the storyline of Syphon Filter 2, Gabe (voiced by John Chacon) and Lian (voiced by Zoe Galvez) continue from where they left off at the end of the first chapter in the Syphon Filter series. Shortly after detonating an ICBM in the sky above Kazahkstan, and being betrayed by their agency, our two heroes get in contact with friend and ex-agent Teresa Lipan (voiced by Shanon Tilton), who operates freelance out of a high tech trailor in the Arizona desert. They also ready a smuggled C-130 Transport at an airbase close to the missile silo, to take themselves and several CBDC agents to Teresa's place, using a long nearby gravel road as an airstrip. Just before take-off, two agency Black Hawke choppers arrive "Running Silent" transporting Agency Officials Morgan and Falkan, along with Agency Bio-chemist Elsa Weissenger, and a small hit squad. Lian hastily informs Gabe from the other side of the airfield through ACD, that agency operatives have arrived, and is then taken out by a concussion grenade, evidently thrown by one of the agency squad members. Doctor Weissenger informs Morgan that Lian is the viral test subject they are looking for, while Falkan's men epically fail to kill Gabriel Logan. Once done shooting, Gabe runs for the spot where the Black Hawkes landed, but he is too late - Morgan, Falkan and Weissenger have taken off with Lian, taking her into holding at a Civil Airbase in Colorado, where is kept with medical staff in an infirmory.
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