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28 Aug 2018


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Migration to PlayStation®4 Version Patch System (Aug. 21)

0 Replies 315 Views Created 28-08-2018
28 Aug 2018


Currently, on the PlayStation®4 (hereafter “PS4®”) version of FINAL FANTASY XIV (hereafter “FFXIV”), download and installation of the update file occurs after account login. However, for further improvement to long-term stability, in conjunction and cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment, on Sep. 4, 2018 we will be migrating our update service to the PS4® patch system. Please read on for details.


・The PS4® patch system makes automatic download of update files possible without the need for starting up client applications or login verifications. This will allow for much smoother gameplay when future FFXIV version updates occur. 
*For details, please see the “PS4® User’s Guide ( )”. 

・Currently for client application updates, the PS4® version of FFXIV uses separate data regions per game title that is on the PS4®, so in the case a data region becomes partially corrupted for some reason, it is necessary to re-download the update files in their entirety to maintain data integrity. Migrating to the PS4® patch system will alleviate this issue. 

・With this streamlining of data regions, a reduction in required HDD storage space is expected for the current PS4® version of FFXIV. (What is 67.25 GB as of Aug. 2018 is expected to be reduced to about 34 GB.) 

Players of the PS4® version of FFXIV will need to re-download all update files, as they have been made compatible for the PS4® patch system. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Before migration begins, on Aug. 28, 2018, we will begin releasing the update files that have been made compatible for the PS4® patch system. We ask that you please follow the guide below to download the update files prior to when the actual migration begins. 

As a note, gameplay will still be possible during the pre-migration download of the update files. 

Pre-migration download period: From Aug. 28, 2018 to Sep. 4, 2018 

▼Preparing for Migration 
1. Please ensure there is at least 31 GB of space available in your PS4® HDD. 
2. Confirm whether Automatic Downloads is enabled; if it is not, please enable. 

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