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16 Mar 2009
By CJ101


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Folklore LBP Levels

0 Replies 676 Views Created 16-03-2009
16 Mar 2009
By CJ101



I have created a couple of Folklore themed levels on "Little Big Planet".  They are called"Folklore" & "Folklore 2" so if you were a fan of this game give them a go & let me know what you think.


Folklore was my first ever attempt at making a level which I worked hard on & it's not bad.  It starts in Doolin and takes you through the Fairy realm.


Folklore 2 requires a key which you will obtain by playing my first level.  This level is purely Doolin Village with a view to go onto Warcadia in Folklore 3 if well received.  I did want to add Warcadia realm to this level but due to a couple of complicated structures (mainly the pub)  I was close to 75% level capacity and wouldn't have been able to do Warcadia justice with the remaining 25%.  I hope you see an improvement in "Folklore 2" as although short I think my level design is much more refined.


Let me know your thoughts



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