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25 Sep 2013
By united-2010


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F1 2013 KFF League

0 Replies 604 Views Created 25-09-2013
25 Sep 2013
By united-2010

Hey folks

Just putting a post up about the KFF F1 league on PS3 that is preparing to fire up again for the new game

The KFF league has been running since 2007 on the F1CE game and has continued right the way through the Codemasters series so there's plenty of experience in running some good racing. There's been 14 seasons of racing altogether. The emphasis has always been to create a competitive situation but most of all an enjoyable, fair and fun one. Everyone races hard and fair and all are welcome no matter what level of pace they have as long as they race clean.

Obviously there are still details that can't be finalised until the game arrives but i'll outline a few things that might help people decide if this league would suit them or not. The league runs on a Monday night at 8pm. So if you were to join you'd need to be able to attend regularly for 2 hours that night. Last year we had a 100% race distance season for the first time ever but then reverted to our more traditional 2 races a night with 50% distance. As it stands we are thinking of doing 50% races (2 races a week) for season 1 and thus getting a season done by Christmas. There was also some restrictions on assists in our league last year so keep in mind that things like traction control, ABS and racing line may be disabled. Again it depends on the game. However both auto and manual gear users are permitted

Also we intoduced a new promotion/relegation system where drivers were moved up and down on a weekly basis depending on performances. This really worked well, made things more fluid and stopped the problem of people being stuck in a division that they were either too far off the pace or too dominant.

Of course there's much anticipation about the classic cars and tracks and once we get the main league underway we'll be looking to run some spin off races with those as well

What i do recommend is checking out our videos from last season. Just keep scrolling down until you get to videos from 4 months ago or longer and you'll see plenty of good action

Our forum is here and you can register for free

I know there's plenty of leagues out there and i do hope they all go well for the new game as they cater for different needs and different times of the week. But if you fancy a Monday night containing good competitive and fun racing then i really do recommend joining us and hopefully getting online during release weekend and racing with us

Thanks and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask 

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