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26 Jul 2018
Von Jareen69


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War Thunder

0 Antworten 163 Anzeigen Erstellt 26-07-2018
26 Jul 2018
Von Jareen69

Dear PS4 War Thunder Players Community,

the reason I am writing this thread about the "Free Game War Thunder" is,

that the "russhian publisher Gaijin doesn't listen to the WT players community and especially to the PS4 players"!

And if you have the guts to critize Gaijin for there "useless nearly weakly patching and worsening game balance,

matchmaking, team building, aming etc.pp. you get kicked out of the forum or your thread is closed/deleted.

And when you read throw the forums concerning this issues there is no reply or answer of the moderators/admins.

Instead of getting an answer you get flamed, disrespected and more of the "WT loverboy fraction"!


Since the "funny update to PS4 Version 2.X" last year (autum), the game became more and more unplayable for PS4

players, I dont know if for PC players also!

But the last update last week nearly killed the game for us/me and also for many PC players.

When I started the game more than 1.5 years ago, it was fair and nicely balanced in every point.

I spend more than 500 Euros into the game, because I/we realy had fun with it!

But now I, my wife and many friends are really frustrated and will stop to play this game.


SONY should stop offering this game in there shop or take a closer QC look on the game to protect ps4 players!

Gaijin is the most arrogant/ignorant game publisher I have ever seen in my life and I am playing PC/console games for mor than 20 years now.

Its beyond belief how Gaijin respectes there costumers wishes,critics and needs etc.pp.!!


Hopefully this thread will help some ps4 players to make the wright decision and dont make the same misstake

like I and my wife did.


I dont want to flame aganist War Thunder! I really liked the game but since this 100x of ps4 updates the game became just unplayable and frustrating!


Best Regards to WT-PS4 Players



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