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03 Mar 2011
By MusterBuster


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GAMOCRACY - How it works

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03 Mar 2011
By MusterBuster

GAMOCRACY - How it all works!



Hey community,


In this thread, I'm going to explain how the GAMOCRACY project works from start to finish. After reading the information here, you'll understand what you need to do at the different stages of each challenge!


Step One - Read the Current Challenge!


Each week, starting on a Monday, we kick off with a new challenge for you to complete. The very first thing you'll need to read the information, advice and rules within the challenge thread. You can always find details of the latest challenge in the stickies at the top of the forum!



Step Two - Catch Up on the Last Challenge!


Once you've digested all the information about the current challenge, you'll need to bring yourself up to speed with the previous challenges. You can check out our Progress Thread to find out what's been added to our game so far.


This is really important, you'll need to make sure that your designs for the current challenge fit the overall presentation of the game!



Step Three - Post your Design!


So you've done load of reading and conjured up an amazing design for the current challenge. What are you waiting for? Post it!


To keep things clean and tidy, we ask you to follow a few conventions when posting your design:


  1. Place a tag in the subject line of your post to let us know which challenge you're entering. Like this:

    So - if you're entering a week two challenge, put [Week Two] at the start of your thread's subject line.

  2. Use your first post to explain your concept to the community. Don't worry too much about getting it right first time, post what you have so far and the community will give you feedback! You can then refine your idea and use new posts in your thread to show off any changes you made.

  3. Make your final design blatantly obvious! Put it in a new post at the end of your thread with big red writing that says FINAL DESIGN! This will help us spot your final submission. Don't forget, your final design will need to be a JPG image that's 520 x 1024pixels. Read more about submitting final designs here.


Step Four - Cross your Fingers!


Posted your final design? All you need to do now is wait for the current challenge to end. Why not spend some time looking at the other designs and giving some feedback? It's a collaborative effort after all, there's no winners!


You can check when the current challenge ends by reading the information in the stickied threads.



Step Five - Time to vote!


Once a challenge has ended, TheBeardedLadies will pick a few finalists from all the designs submitted in the EU forums. Once the finalists are chosen, they will be announced on TheBeardedLadies Facebook Page!


To vote for the design you want to see implemented in the game, you'll need to go there and sign in with your Facebook account. Then, simply "Like" the design you want to see implemented.


Click here to access TheBeardedLadies Facebook page!



Step Six - Rejoice! We're one step closer to the final game...


After the vote, the final design will be chosen and implemented into the game. TheBeardedLadies are producing regular GAMOCRACY Dev Diary updates to show off the latest build of our game. You can read them on the EU PlayStation Blog here.


After the vote, a new challenge will begin. Just check the stickies to find out what it is, then go through these six steps all over again.



We've really enjoyed the work you guys have submitted so far, and hopefully this post will have cleared up a few of your questions. If there's still any confusion, just let us know in response, and we'll answer your woes!


Much love,



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