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15 May 2018
By SymbolicLink


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F-1500TA Set-up

0 Replies 126 Views Created 15-05-2018
15 May 2018
By SymbolicLink

I've done over 100 or so races in the campaign mode in GT:Sport, and I've not had a problem winning every race with just a little practice at each track and car.
However, the darn F-1500AT races (Professional Division, 3 Races starting at Brands Hatch)

What the heck is wrong with this cars?
Number one, the rear end seems to spit out every time I come out of turn.
If I try and take the throttle easier, I can never catch up with the AI.
So to be more aggressive, just to catch the AI with-in 10 laps, I have to push harder, and then my rear end just goes sideways on me.
The only setting that seems to help is to put TC at least on 2, and to turn ON Stability Management.
If I put TC on 0 I can barely make it out of a turn without stepping out and spinning.
Not sure, but isn't Stability Management a "cheat" or is it actually used in F1?

Even then, the AI is so spread out ahead of you at first, I have to race like a devil just to get up to 3rd by lap 9.
But then, the stupid AI slows Way too much for a turn, and wham, I slam into a guy going 5 mph on a 70 mph turn, I end up in the grass, and lose 5 spots on the last lap.
What is the deal with the difficulty difference from all the other cars/AI and the F-1500?

I've tried TC off, TC all the way up to 5.
I've tried increasing and decreasing the power level of the car, lowering the weight, increasing the weight.
Lowering the power helps with the rear-end stepping out, but then I'm too slow to catch the pack.
I've tried modifying the gears to keep wheel spin in 3rd down (Usually when it spins)
I've tried lowering and racing the down force, even modifying the camber.
Nothing I do except turning on Stability management seems to work.
Even then, it's a battle to place 3rd place.


Am I missing something simple?
I have to use a controller (Don't have enough cash to plunk down $300 for a wheel)
And I practice like mad, I feel I shouldn't be having this big a problem after passing everything else in single player on Gold (Driver school, mission challenges, 103 campaign races)
If you have set-up tips I would love to hear them.

Thanks for any suggestions/tips.

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Thank you,
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