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21 Dec 2012
By Envisager


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Community and Game Awards 2012 - FAQ's

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21 Dec 2012
By Envisager


Community and Game Awards 2012 - FAQ's


Hello Community!


These FAQ's have been prepared to help you out with any questions you might have about the Community and Game Awards 2012. If, after reading this post, you still have questions then post them in this thread and we'll answer you as soon as we can.


To read the answers, just click on the relevant spoiler tag.




Q: What are the Community and Game Awards?


The Community and Game Awards are your chance to highlight the best games, services, content and community activity of the year. More or less, these are the Oscars of PlayStation without the red carpet, but with more style.

Q: How do the awards work?


There are two stages to both, the Community and Game Awards.

- In the first stage, anyone with a PSN account can make a nomination for an award. There are no restrictions here and you can nominate anything you like as long as it is relevant to the award you are making the nomination for.

- In the second stage, the Community and Game Awards work a little differently. For the Community Awards, the nominations made for each award are counted and the top ten nominations go through to the voting stage as finalists.

For the second stage of the Game Awards, the nominations for each award are counted up from all the language groups in the Official PlayStation Community and the top ten nominees for each award go through to the final voting stage.

Finally, community members vote with Kudos for their favourite finalist under each award and once voting is complete we´ll count all the language groups kudos in order to announce the winners.


 Q: How long do the Awards last?


* Nominations open on Wednesday 9th January 2013
* Nominations close on Wednesday 23rd January 2013
* Voting opens on Monday 28th January 2013
* Voting closes on Monday 4th February 2013
* Winners will be announced on Friday 8th February 2013


Q: Who is eligible to take part?

Everyone who has a PlayStation Network account can take part in the nominations stage, however to vote for the finalists you’ll need to have been a member of our community for at least 2 weeks and viewed over 500 pages of the forum.


Q: What are this year’s categories in the Game Awards?



* PlayStation 3 Game of the Year
* Best PlayStation Move game of the year
* Best Multiplayer mode
* PlayStation Service of the Year
* [PS Store] Downloadable Game of the Year
* [PS Store] DLC of the Year
* Most Anticipated PlayStation Game of 2013
* Most wanted trophy
* Best PlayStation videogame Art and Design
* Best Videogame character of the year

* PlayStation Vita Game of the Year
* Best Retro Game of the Year

* Best PS Home content released in 2012

 Q: What are this year's categories in the Community Awards?



* Friendliest Online Gamer
* Most Helpful Member
* Funniest Member/Funniest post
* Best clan
* Best Community event or contest or Best online event organiser
* Thread of the Year
* Most Creative member of the year
* Best PSN ID created in 2012
* Newbie of the Year Award for users who became a part of the community during 2012.
* Quote of the Year
* Best Home User

 Q: I cannot create a PSN account on



 It´s not possible to create a new PSN account on the website in this moment, but you can create one with your PS3, Wi-Fi PSP or through the Sony entertainment network website.

 Q: I can't vote in the final.


Voting is done via the Kudos feature of the forum. You need to have been a registered member of the community for at least 2 weeks and have viewed 500 forum pages to use it. If you don't meet these criteria, you cannot vote.
If you meet these requirements and have problems voting, please contact any administrators.

Q: Are there any prizes for the Community Awards? 



A: It depends on the award. For awards which are won by a specific community member, that member will be granted the "Community Award Winner" rank.




For the best thread of the Year, the winning thread will be floated. For the Best Clan and Best Community Event awards, the relevant threads will be stickied.


 Q: What happens if there is a tie-break for any award?




Regardless of whether it is a community or game award, in the nominations we will add as many candidates as needed to the final.

Voting stage - tie-breaks will be solved by an additional 24 hour voting/nominating period for only the awards which are involved in the tie break.

 Q: How can I keep a track of what's going on in the Community and Game Awards


  • Twitter:  Check the hash tag #PSAwards12 for daily updates.
  • Facebook:
  • Google+:
  • RSS:
  • Blog
  • Bookmark the Community and Game Award Forum
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