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19 Dec 2012
By Envisager


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Welcome to the Game Awards Board!

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19 Dec 2012
By Envisager





COMMUNITY & Game Awards 2012


Welcome to the Community & Game Awards 2012. It´s time for you to decide what has been the best of the best within the PlayStation Universe last year.


These awards are going to be divided in two stages.


  1. [Nominations]: You are going to be able to choose one candidate for each category by tipping your election in the opened thread. The 10 most nominated options will go through to the final voting stage*.
  2. [Final Voting]: In order to vote, you must have been a registered community member for more than 2 weeks. Each thread will contain as many messages as previous nominations, with the title/ ID of the nominated. You just need to find the post with  your nomination and give kudos to that message. That easy!

In order to vote you´ll need a PSN Account. It´s not possible to create a new SEN account on the website in this moment, but you can create one with your PS3, Wi-Fi PSP, PlayStation®Vita or through the Sony entertainment network website.


Here's how the voting process will commence:


* Nominations open on Wednesday 9th January 2013
* Nominations close on Wednesday 23rd January 2013
* Voting opens on Monday 28th January 2013
* Voting closes on Monday 4th February 2013
* Winners will be announced on Friday 8th February 2013


Need a reminder of the years game releases? Have a look at Access Episode 63 which runs through the year best!


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