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19 Aug 2011
By IzzyJ


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Super Stardust Delta

0 Replies 75 Views Created 19-08-2011
19 Aug 2011
By IzzyJ

 "Blast through an addictive shooter where one wrong move could be your last.

  • Create incredible black holes using the touchscreen, blast asteroids to pieces using the dual analog sticks and deploy devastating shock waves with motion sensitive gameplay.
  • Enjoy classic gameplay modes from Super Stardust HD and Super Stardust Portable, as well as new modes exclusive to PS Vita.
  • Shoot your way to the top of the intergalactic leaderboards via PlayStation Network.






  • The game is using the 2 analog sticks like the PS3 which make the gameplay very similar! (and as good)
  • The analog sticks of the PS VITA are really good, I was quite impressed with that
  • You have some special abilities in the game now that you use via the touch screen
  • I didn't get far in the game but it works the same way as PS3 but with extra things like broken planets type of levels and black holes that attracts you and your ennemies into."



Sorry it's a bit  blur :smileysad:

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