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30 Aug 2013


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[Beyond: Two Souls] Face to Face with David Cage - The interview

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30 Aug 2013

Hi David, very nice to meet you.


We have attended the PlayStation Press Conference. What are your first reactions?

It was a very interesting conference and it was great to have a date for the PS4. We know the price, we know the date so it becomes real. It was good news also to hear about a price cut on PS Vita which remains a very powerful gaming machine. This lower price point at 199€ definitely makes it more accessible for gamers.


From your director/writer’s point of view, is the PS4 creating new ambitions for a studio like Quantic Dream?





Of course it does! You have so much power. We worked on this short PS4 tech demo called “The Dark Sorcerer” and we saw what could be done by the hardware with very little work. We’ve just been blown away graphically. PS4 will help and support developers in creating tremendous games and that’s why we are very excited to welcome the PlayStation 4 very soon.


PT – carneiro_hd: Is Beyond Two Souls a cinematographic experience with playable parts or a video game that has a cinematographic feel?


It was really the issue with Heavy Rain, everybody wanted to know in what box to put the game. Actually the right answer to that is no one cares what genre it is as long as they enjoy playing it. What we try to create is “experiences” maybe less traditional and more interactive. We pay a lot of attention to what you feel when you play instead of what button you press. In that sense, with Beyond: Two Souls, we wanted to create an emotional journey, something that players have never played before, something that they will remember, something that will really leave an impact.  That’s the very high ambition of the game.


EN – European_Gamer : Compared to Heavy Rain, there is only one main character in Beyond: Two Souls. What motivated that change? Was it to empower the storyline?

There is only one character in Beyond, but what is more special about it is the fact that you can play Jodie Holmes at different ages. You play her as a kid, 8 years old, so she moves in a specific way and she does what is specific to her age. Then you play her as a teenager and again you face a different look, different actions, a different way of moving, talking. So it’s like playing different characters except that it’s the life of one person. This should be very immersive and we hope it’s going to create that feeling that you know her by heart; you know what she has been through. You were there in the good and the bad moments of her life so there should a very strong sense of empathy with the character. Jodie is incarnate by Ellen Page who has done an amazing job, a fantastic performance and she really gave her heart and soul to this character in a way I’ve never seen before in video games.


PT- ccmelo_12345 – What made you choose Ellen Page to personify Jodie Holmes?

I really had her name in mind since pretty much the very first line of the script. On the very first page, I was looking for an image; this is the way I write. I try to find pictures of actors, just to have someone to look at, imagine how they would react in a certain situation and the first picture I picked up was from Ellen when she was maybe 16 or 17 and I thought “wow”. She has some violence and at the same time this vulnerability and I really liked that mix of extremes, strength and fragility at the same time. As I was writing, I just found other pictures of Ellen at different ages (since she has started filming so young) so it worked always very well with my script and it became really obvious after 200 pages of script that SHE had to be Jodie Holmes. No one else could do it better than her.


RU- BabkaTapka : Have you ever used personal experiences from your own life as a source of inspiration for your video games ?

Definitely. When I was a younger writer, I wrote about things that I did not have a clue about like saving the world… A little bit on Farhenheit and then much more with Heavy Rain, I began to realise that it was possible to talk about things that I experienced in my own life, without it being boring to others. I could be sincere about it and be true to the material I was writing. Heavy Rain is really about my experience of becoming a father and Beyond is about being confronted with death. I loss someone I was very close to in my family. That was a very violent experience. I just wanted to write about death, the other side and imagine what’s there, what happens when we die. That was the starting point of Beyond: Two Souls.


David Cage as a gamer. What’s the latest game that really got you excited?

What have I played recently? I played The Unfinished Swan recently. I haven’t had much time to play because of the development of Beyond. In general, I’m very much interested about indie games. I think that there is a lot of creativity and interesting ideas in the indie sphere. There are different developers that I really follow and support whatever they release to check on the brilliant ideas they brought to life.


BEYOND: Two Souls is released exclusively on PlayStation 3 on 9th October 2013.

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