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24 Aug 2010
By LiquidRunner


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Beta Trial Information

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24 Aug 2010
By LiquidRunner
PlayStation Now: registrations now closed.


(Please Note: We are currently full and are not recruiting Beta Testers at present. Any future recruitment will be announced in the PSN General boards)


What is a Beta?

Beta Trials are a process used by SCEE to receive feedback on SCEE products and services. This feedback can be on many different products such as video games, services and hardware.


When are Beta Trials announced?

Public Beta Trials will be announced on official PlayStation channels such as Twitter, PS Blog and the PlayStation Forum. Private Beta Trials are announced in the Private Beta Forum, only the Private Beta Community has access to the Private Beta Forum.


What is a Private Beta Test and Public Beta Tester?


Private Beta Testers are part of an exclusive Private Beta Community who volunteer to help with pre-launch private tests on an on-going basis.


Public Beta Testers are those who are recruited specifically to one Beta test. To answer a common question: being part of a Public Beta Trial does not mean that you are part of the Private Beta Community.


When/how do you recruit Private Beta Testers to join the Private Beta Community?

Public recruitment -We run these from time-to-time. Anyone can sign-up and this is the easiest way to get involved. Recruitments are announced in the PlayStation forums.

Get recommended - We also run occasional private recruitment where our current Private Beta Testers can "recommend-a-friend". If you are a beta tester and know someone that you feel would make a good candidate for our program then be sure to look out for these. Emails will be sent out to Private Beta Testers when this is available.

Being a great PlayStation Community Member! - Being a Beta tester is, first and foremost, all about being a great member of the community. If we are looking to add additional users to the Private Beta Community we take special note of forum posts, responses and likes for potential additions to our Private Beta Community.


 I received an email for a Beta, where is my game?

In the invitation email there is a link to your beta code. The Beta code can only be accessed from the invitation link in the invitation email. Please check though your junk folder to ensure you received the email.


When a Beta test is underway, what should I do and when?

Participating in the tests does not require a technical mind - we need a variety of people with differing amounts of technical expertise to help us test the games. Please play the software as you do normally.


We will also ask our testers to provide feedback about their experiences of connecting and playing the game online, and to report any bugs or problems that you find. You can do this by visiting the online bug report form by following the link in your invitation email.


All titles that are sent to our Beta testers are Beta versions only and will not be useable once the testing is complete. It is also likely that the Beta testing of a game may be limited to specific levels, tracks or the online functionality of a game.


Test Nights:

In some Beta Trials we run Test Nights. Test Nights are specified time for us all to meet up online and test together. On some test nights there may be a set criteria that we would like you to follow in order to test specific areas of the title. Generally we try our best to spread out test nights so that if you are lucky enough to be on holiday, you can still join in.


I am playing/testing and I find a bug. What do I do?

For a Beta Trial to be successful we rely on feedback from our testers which can lead to a better launch of the product through finding bugs, receiving feedback and completing the finishing touches.


If the development teams have specifically requested it then we will provide you with a link to a Bug Report form to capture all such information. This would be found by following the link in the invitation email and in the title’s Beta Forum board (if it has one). It would be greatly appreciated if this is completed with as much information as possible to describe the error/bug. If a Bug Report form is not provided then we would almost definitely have a Bug Report thread. These are very useful because they display all bugs to the community which helps to avoid repeat reporting.

If a Bug Report form is not available then it can be assumed that the main focus of the beta trial is ‘load testing’ or feedback is gathered by the developers in the title without your input. Sometimes there is as survey that will ask for your general feedback, these are different from bug reports as everyone who has participated in the beta can join in.


Beta Forum

Some Betas have a Private forum where users can discuss the Beta Trial with other users. You can access this from the invitation email if one is available.


I want to change my e-mail address that I receive Beta E-mails from, where do I do this? 

All the information we retain for your Beta Trial account is taken from your PSN account. This means that all the beta emails will be sent out to the address you registered to PSN with. If this has changed please follow our online guide.


What is 'load testing'?

Load testing is when we require a large amount of activity at one time to test the strain on the servers. If the server has too much strain (or stress) then adjustments can be made to ensure that it will run without errors occurring at peak times. There may be times during the beta trials where we ask for testers to contribute with load testing, all you need to do is play as normal during the given test times.


Do I need a PS3, PS4 and PS Vita to be part of the community?

You do not need all PlayStation systems to be a part of the community. We will only send you invitations to systems you have activated with your SEN ID.


Do I need PS+ to join in?

PS+ users are prioritised for Beta Trials, some Beta Trials are only for PS+ users and PS+ users have priority access to Beta Trials. Your chances of joining a Beta Trial are greatly improved if you have PS+ but not all Beta Trails require it.


What is PSN Beta?

PSN Beta is our old portal site for Beta Trials. This is under redevelopment so at the moment you can only access your voucher code, submit feedback via the invitation email.


I signed up to a Beta where is my code?

Only successful participants will be contacted by email with details on how to access their code. Emails usually go out shortly after recruitment ends. Not everyone that signs up will be invited into a Beta Trial.


I cannot find my invitation email/deleted my invitation email

The only way to access beta voucher is on the link on the invitation email, please check your junk mail folder too. If you have deleted your email please check your deleted items folder with your email provider. We are unable to resend invitation emails with your link again.


My voucher doesn’t work/ link in email does not work

Please contact us in the support forum here.


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