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24 Oct 2011
By Envisager


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Likes FAQ

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24 Oct 2011
By Envisager

Likes FAQ




Why should I bother to give Likes?

Likes is a way to highlight content that you found particularly helpful, informative or of a high standard. By highlighting the post in the community you are helping other community members that may also find the post worthy of notice. Likewise you will help to highlight the post for the community managers that in-turn are able to identify and organise such content that the community find relevant.


I'm a new member, when can I start giving Likes?
You can award Likes from day 1.


Can I see who has given me Likes?

Yes. Simply click on the number within the likes icon that sits inside your post. This will display all users that have submitted likes to your post. Alternatively for an overview of your posts that have received likes you can click on ‘My Profile' and view the ‘Recent Likes Received' board.



What can I do to get more Likes?

Users will generally give likes to posts that they find informative, helpful, well-written, funny, insightful, valuable or on-the-whole an accurate representation of the community's view. If your post consists of any of these qualities then you're on the right track!


How many Likes can I give out?

As many as you like! Think of it as saying "well done" to another person ....and there should never be a limit to that! Although to regulate possible abuse of the system we only allow you to give out 2 likes points per minute.



Can I ‘Like' a post more than once?

No. ‘Liking' a message once is sufficient to register your praise.



Can I Like myself?

No. This is a community based tool that requires input from your peers.



Can I give someone negative Likes?

No. Likes are purely used in a positive manner. Either you feel the need to say "well done" or you don't.



Can I stop Likes for a certain post I've made?

Only moderators can "freeze" likes. If for any reason you would like them to do this for you post then simply contact one and ask them to do so.




What does the ‘Medal' icon mean?

When a post receives an amount of likes, that exceeds our settings for the "hot likes threshold" then a gold medal will be displayed instead of the actual number of likes received. This symbolises that the post in question has received such a high number of likes that we deem it worthy of even more visibility within the community.



Can I withdraw Likes after I've given it? How?

Yes. If, for whatever reason, you decide to withdraw the like that you recently submitted to a post then you can do so by opening the options menu in the post and clicking "Revoke My likes for this Message". The system automatically subtracts the value of the likes you gave from the total.



I think someone is cheating the system... what should I do?

It's very likely that a moderator will be fully aware of someone trying to cheat the system but if you also spot this then you should report the user via the standard methods.




I don't want to receive Likes... What can I do?

Likes are a great way to receive a "thumbs up" from your community peers but if for any reason you don't want to receive this attention then simply contact a moderator and ask for Likes to be disabled for your message.




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