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28 Jan 2014
By Envisager


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Welcome to the PlayStation Community Forums

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28 Jan 2014
By Envisager




Welcome to the Official PlayStation Community (OPC) forum!

For all users who are accustomed to the old forum or are joining us for the first time, you may have a few questions about the forum, your account, avatars, forum name and signatures.

Please note that this FAQ is a work in progress and we hope that with your help this thread will grow over time. If you have any comments or questions about this document please post them here and we will integrate the best community tips.

Some of the questions you might have are…



To make sure that the forums are an enjoyable and informative place to be, please ensure that your posts agree with the following Community Guidelines and the Terms of Use.


Click here to view the house rules.

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To create a new account click here.

From the site, click on 'Create a New Account' and complete the form.



Once you've completed the form click


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  • Click here.
  • Enter your Sign-In ID (the email address you use to sign into PSN, PC Store and this forum), and your Date of Birth
  • Using the answer your provided during the registration of your account, answer the security question.
  • Enter your new password into the boxes provided and click Submit.

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This is the icon displayed below near your username next to your posts and is a way to give your posts a bit of personality.



When you first log in, an icon will be assigned to you by default, but you can change it to something you find more suitable from the Community list provided or upload your own (from your uploaded images or from the web). Please note custom avatars can be a maximum size of 100x100 pixels.


To select an avatar from the Community list:


  • Click on User Settings
  • Click on the Avatars tab
  • Choose one of the several collections in the drop down menu and then click on the avatar that appears below to select it
  • You now have a new avatar


To select an avatar from your uploaded images:


  • Click on User Settings
  • Click on the Avatars tab
  • Click on From Uploaded Images link at the top of the section. Browse for the image and click to select.
  • You now have a new avatar


To select an avatar from the web:


  • Click on User Settings
  • Click on the Avatars tab
  • Click on From The Web link at the top of the section. Enter the image URL into the box and then click Set Avatar.
  • You now have a new avatar


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Your signature is text or an image that appears at the bottom of each message you post on the forum.


  • Click on 'User Settings' at the top
  • Click on the tab Personal Profile.
  • In the Personal Profile section you will see a signature field. In here type in the text you want to use as your signature. You can also use HTML code to format the font, include images & hyperlinks. Images must be hosted somewhere - you can either upload this onto the forum, or use one of the examples in the Image Hosting section. The HTML for including an image will look something like <img src="Image URL">. To include a hyperlink so the image is a clickable link, this would look like <a href=""><img src="Image URL"></a>
  • Please keep your signature within 540 x 120 pixels (including all text and images).
  • Click on Save Changes.


Click here for help with HTML code or feel free to ask a question in the forum if you need assistance.

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Below you will find a list of various hosts that many people use. This is just a small list of the hosts available. If you do not find one that fits your needs, a simple search on Google will turn up many other options. Please be sure to verify that your host supports external linking. Some hosts do not allow images to be used on pages that are not on their server.


Once you've uploaded your image, you can then use the image source url for your avatar & signature.


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  • Sign into the forum

  • Then click on the button (this appears at the top within each section of the forum).

  • Enter the subject of the post and use the Rich Text to enter your message. Alternatively you can enter the HTML code for your message using the HTML tab.

  • Hover over each of the icons within the rich text editor to see what each one does.

  • To check how your post will look, click on the Preview tab.

  • Once you're happy with it, click on the button to submit it in the forum.

  • Click if you don't wish to post the item and go back to the thread.

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  • Sign into the forum

  • Within the thread you would like to reply to, click on the button

  • Enter your reply in the Rich Text tab or enter the html code in the HTML tab

  • Click on and your reply will appear in the thread

You also have a quick reply option. This brings up a basic plain text box to enter your post without the rich text editor...


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  • Sign into the forum

  • Within the message you would like to quote, click on the button

  • Click on the button at the top right of the editor

  • This will then quote the message you are replying to and you can enter your text below

  • Click on and your quote/reply will appear in the thread

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Edit a Post:


  • Sign into the forum

  • Click on the settings button (the cog) at the top right of the post

  • Select Edit Reply (NB: you only have a 30 minute window to edit your own posts)

  • Edit your reply as required then click the post button once complete


You cannot delete a post, you do have to option to edit it within the time period mentioned above.


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The rich text editor has many options available that allows you to format your posts prior to submitting.



01 - Bold - set the font to bold

02 - Italic - set the font to italic

03 - Underline - underline the text

04 - Strikethrough - this allows you to apply a strikethrough to the text

05 - Spoiler - add a spoiler tag to your text. See Spoiler section for more info

06 - Insert Code - allows you to add HTML code to a message

07 - Paste from Word - allows you to paste text from a Word document

08 - Insert Emoticon - allows you to insert an emoticon from the available list

09 - Insert/Edit Link - allows you to insert a hyperlink into your post

10 - Insert Image - allows you to insert an image into your post - from your computer, your gallery or from another site

11 - Insert a video - allows you to embed a YouTube video in your post

12 - Ordered List - allows you to insert a numbered list

13 - Unordered List - allows you to insert bullet points

14 - Font Family - set the font to use for your post

15 - Font Size - set the font size for your post
16 - Font Colour - set the font colour of your post

17 - Spell Checker - toggles the spellchecker off or on

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Labels are required when submitting a new post in all boards (except Support and Lounge), users can either choose from a pre-defined list or enter their own in the box provided (if there are no suitable ones).



The selected Label will show in the post (middle right):



At board level you can click on the Labels section to filter the posts which use that label (i.e.. If you click on Music Unlimited you would only see those posts that use that label).



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Click here to view the 'Likes' FAQ.

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@ mentions are an easy way to bring a thread to someone's attention. The user mentioned will receive an email linking to the post in the forum. Click here for more information.

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If you've made a thread and someone has resolved or provided a solution to any question/issue you may have had, click here for more information of how to accept as a solution.


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Private messages allow you to send personal messages to other members of the forum. Private messages have advantages over e-mail: You do not need the e-mail address of the other member to be able to send the message and nobody needs to know yours.

If you want to use private messages, you must have an account and be logged in. When you are logged in, the Messages option will appear under your username. If you have any new private messages, then the Messages count will show how many you have.



Once you've clicked on Messages this will take you through to the Private Messages section...



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No-one like to have things spoilt (whether it's a game or film) so if you would like to post something that could potentially spoil things for others (e.g. who haven't yet played a game), please ensure you use spoiler tags. This will hide your post initially from the users until they click the link to expand the item to show your text. If you are creating a new thread, please ensure you insert SPOILER into the subject as well.


  • Type your message/reply as normal

  • Once finished, highlight the text you would like to hide in the spoiler tag

  • Click the insert a spoiler tag icon in the rich text editor.

  • You will then see the selected text appear in a grey box

  • You can then preview the message to ensure it looks ok prior to clicking the post button


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Macros are a convinient way to paste frequently used blocks of text. For example, if you find you're often repeating a set of instructions or embedding links, you can put that in as a macro and give it a name. You can add new macros in your user settings.


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If you feel someone has broken the House Rules, you can report the post via the Report link underneath the respective item. This will then go to the Community moderators to check the post and take the appropriate action.


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The English Community Team consists of 2 people.


Community Manager:



Community Coordinator:

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Click here for details on Beta Testers

Click here for details of what an MVP is.


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On the forum there are regular competitions with some great prizes. Click here to view the competition section. Please read the terms and conditions carefully in each competition thread for the rules and if you're eligible to enter.


Community events are a great way to play with fellow forum members and make new friends. Everyone is welcome to join in. Click here to view the current events happening in the community. If you have an idea for an event, check out the guide to creating community events.

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