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24 Mar 2013
By Rich8606


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Rise of the Warrior code region locked?

0 Replies 470 Views Created 24-03-2013
24 Mar 2013
By Rich8606

Here's the thing....  When I first made my PSN ID I used my Aussie address, I didn't know the PS Store is region specific then, so my PSN account, with all my purchases and trophies, is Australian region. However, I buy all my games from Play-Asia and Amazon, so my games are US and Asian region games.


I pre-ordered the US version of GOWA because of the exclusive Playstation All Stars DLC, the game is coming in next week. When I played the Rise of the Warrior, I selected the US region because I know I bought the US version of GOWA.


However, when I access my code this week, the site immidiately told me I was in the wrong region and directed to the Australian site with the code.


I didn't know the website could do that, I have played the entire 20 chapters of Rise of the Warrior on the US region website perfectly fine, and suddenly at the end I was in the wrong region? Any of you know if the codes are locked to regional PS Store? Does this eman I'm given the Australian region code? If yes, can I redeem the DLC from Australian PSN but use it for the US version of GOWA? My copy of GOWA is not coming in until next week, so I can't try the code yet. 


I know DLCs are region specific, you can't buy DLCs from Australian PS Store and use it with your US copy of a game, the DLC won't show up. When I play my US games from my main Australian account (Uncharted 3, Resident Evil 6), everytime I access the store from in game, it will always access the Australian PS store because of my Australian account, and it will always say no DLC available (because of the different region). I can only view and buy them with my "fake" US account to access the US PS store, download the DLC and then log out, log back in to my Aussie account to play the game with the DLC.


So if the code is indeed region specific, even if I can download the DLC from the Australian PS store, I can't use it with my US version of the game?  

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