Copied levels should say who the original creator is

by Beta Tester mh637099 ‎11-02-2013 13:07 PM - edited ‎11-02-2013 13:12 PM

Many of you has seen copied levels everywhere, especially the cool pages.


I think LBP2 should say who the original creator of the level is. That way the copier can give credit without doing anything.


This should improve the community a lot better.


Who's with me?



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LBP is a game that is supposedly suitable for players of all ages. However, moderation of the community is in decline, bullying, harassment and other undesireable behavior is on the rise and individual players (or their parents) lack the tools to protect themselves (or their children) from harm. The call for these features have been strong and frequent. Below is a proposed outline for such features.


Either LBP incorporates its own feature to block other players or it uses the blocked players data that is present in the PS3's PSN tools. The goal is to allow individual players to a) not having to be exposed to undesirable behavior of another individual player - or that player altogether, or b) limit the offending players movements within the domain of the offended player. Or both.


In case of limiting exposure to an offending player, the offended player may "block" the other player and consequently can no longer:


  • write comments or reviews on offending player's profile or levels
  • see offending player's comments and reviews, anywhere
  • play offending player's levels
  • see any activity of offending player in their own or in other players' timeline
  • see any activity of other players in offending player's levels in any timeline
  • join sessions in which offending player is present

In case of limiting an offending player's movements within offended player's domain, the offending player can no longer:


  • write comments or reviews on offended player's profile or levels
  • see offended player's comments and reviews, anywhere
  • play offended player's levels
  • see any activity of offended player in their own or in other players' timeline
  • see any activity of other players in offended player's levels in any timeline
  • join sessions in which offended player is present

Measures outlined above would extend beyond the game into official websites like

Welcome to the LittleBigPlanet™ Idea Exchange!

by Beta Tester Envisager ‎07-01-2013 13:29 PM - edited ‎06-02-2013 16:55 PM





A big welcome to what for most of you is a new feature in the Official PlayStation Forums.


So what exactly is an Idea Exchange? Luckily the title is quite self-explanatory! It's a place to collate your (the community's) ideas on how to expand and improve LittleBigPlanet in a place where the developers can take on board and perhaps even implement in future outings of the LittleBigPlanet franchise.


The community team and devs can then rank an idea as 'Hot' if appropriate which will then move it under the 'Hot Ideas' tab, if the community gives 'Kudos' to an idea, then it will feature under the 'Top Ideas' tab.


All ideas submitted will appear in the 'New Ideas' tab to start as default.


Any questions, fire away and I'll do my best to answer.


Submitting a new idea, replying and grief reporting


The structure of the Idea Exchange may be a little bit different to what you are used to, so I'll run through a couple of the basics.


Submitting a new idea


Make sure you are at the top level of the idea exchange, for example, with the top level of the LittleBigPlanet Idea Exchange the navigation bar will look like this:


Idea exchange4.jpg


At this level, the following button is available, by clicking this you should see the familiar post entry editor you are used to..


Idea exchange5.jpg


Replying to an Idea


You can only reply to an idea at the post level, you can get there easily by clicking the text marked 'Post a Comment' (see example below)


Idea exchange3.jpg


Grief Reporting


 If you stumble across an idea that breaks the house rules, you can grief report it at the idea level (see Replying to an Idea).


On the offending post, select the 'Topic Options' Menu and select 'Report Inappropriate Content' option as highlighted below.


Idea exchange.jpg



There should be preset sackbot animations to play instead of using the "Act" behaviour mode. The "Act" behaviour doesn't capture things like being slapped, or the expressions the sackboy makes while exploding. I would ask you to fix the sackbot "Act" function to include things like this but it would be better if you could have some custom animations that you can activate any time instead of having to record them, because they would be more exact and look much better, and could include things like:

-Being slapped, falling to the ground and getting back up
-The face Sackboy makes when he makes himself pop and when he stops before popping
-Angry fist shake
-Kicking (side/front
-The animations you do when using bounce pads (spin, flip and the leaping stance)
-Yawn and stretch (just like the sleepy sackbot, but so we can decide when he does it)
-Typing on keyboard
-Dance (maybe several different styles)
-More emotes (other than the normal, happy, sad, angry, scared)
-Shiver (with cold, not fear)
-Roar (useful for animal costumes, like lion and dinosaur)
-Beating chest (like Tarzan)
-Flapping arms (like a bird, either fully extended, or with elbows extended and hands in)

There should also be Poses, such as:
-Arms crossed
-Holding hand out
-Hand on hip
-Face sideways, backwards, forwards (it could make it look more convincing when sackbots are talking to each other)
-Lie Down
-Victory sign (index and middle finger in a V - same as Peace symbol)
-PLUS anything else that you can't already do (you can add your own ideas in the comments)

Animations/poses that only affect the legs could be custom mixed with the animations/poses that only affect the arms!

These would all be great for cinematics, but some even have practical uses in-game as well.

These are all just ideas, I probably went overboard mentioning all of these but I just wanted to show you that the possibilities are endless!

Alternatively or additionally, you could allow for people to make their own animations by choosing the points that the sackbot can move, choosing where to move/rotate it to and how long to transition, and save the animation to share with other people.



As I music maker myself. I feel as if we need more veriety of instruments. or atleast more Licensed Music.

some ideas im considering are like for example more chiptune and Synth instruments. Or perhaps liscensed INSTRUMENTS. Like a Sega Genesis Soundfont Pack or Dubstep Soundfont Pack. Or even a Vocaloid pack. (I might Bring that back up in another post) whatever peeks peoples interests in actually buying non Costume DLC :Music:

I have no idea has this been suggested hundreds of times but I do not really care since it would be so easy solution to get all that crap away from cool pages people always complain about.


I am not excacly sure how cool pages work in this game but it seems cool pages have even newest of the newest levels that have only 1-2 plays or none. Also sometimes these levels get automatically really high in cool pages by some kind of lucky accident and then they catch players' attention. If levels that are copied from other players would not even go to this so called "cool page tube" but just live their own lives in creators' planets, I am sure people would be extremely happy.


Of course the reason they are now in cool page tube is that every level can have a chance to shine but I never understood why copied levels would need that chance. They are, afterall, somehow copied and the creator might have just edited small things in there so it is not mentioning at all the original creator. I also support the idea that copied levels show the original creator but I am aware that it wouldn't help the situation in cool page at all since most of people just play anything that is on top of that page.


I never really play cool page levels because it is all just copied crap to me that I can't be sure about who is the original creator but it would be really fun to be sure every level there is made by that creator, then I would be sure to check cool pages very often :)

One of the things us LBP Players love to do is express ourselves through as many things as possible.

The Sackbot has presets to how it shall act, as in premade multiple animations. My first idea, is that your Sackboy's popit should have a "Expressions" Page with maybe a smiling Sackboy as the Icon. It features the presets of Story mode characters and a "Custom Animation" Choice. There you can Create custom animations for each emotion, and a custom Standing Pose, Jump Pose, Walking animation etc. And when your done, you save them in sets or individually within a category.

 My second Idea is Editing Sackboys Body shape. Like how tall, fat skinny etc. And when you stretch Sackboy the costume pieces your wearing morphs to fit that shape. This I think should really be considered. I may be speaking for just a few but some of us girl players would love to use this to make incredibly cute costumes. 

Sackies 2013

by jazzylouis on ‎01-07-2013 17:32 PM

I really want to see the new Sackies for 2013 but we want to do it on LBP2 and also LBPK!
Here are my category ideas for it ↓
Racer of the year (LBPK)
Best use of Cross-Controller (LBP2)
Best Driving Experience (LBPK)
Best movies (LBP2)

There are my ideas so how does that feel?

Recently I've been Playing Playstation All Stars Battle Royale when I thought to myself while playing as Sackboy. I noticed his Level 1 attack has a Parappa Costume that's not actually in LBP. I think more PS All Star Costumes would be a neat addition to Sackboy's waredrobe. My ideas were for starters:

- More Sly Cooper Outfits: Murray, Carmellita, Or the Ancestors from Sly 4

- A Medieval Mini Pack: Sir Daniel Costume, and Multiple suits of armor and stickers

- Sweet Tooth Costume

- More Rachet & Clank Outfits: Quark, Nefarious, or the Plumber

- and finally a Parappa and Master Onion

Just a thought as of now. and hey! Story Mode DLCs too would be epic aswel Pins Search Feature

by jauw2 on ‎10-04-2013 01:58 AM is very cool, and the site features great applications, but I wondered, why not a search tool for Pins? By adding this, you can search on every pin in the game, and see who got that exact pin and how many users have been awarded a specific pin. 


I think this would a nice addition, wouldn't it be awesome to see how many users have been awarded the Rare Prize Crown? Or the Community Meet-Up Pin?


What are your thoughts on this?


Thanks for reading!


-- Jauw

"Stickers" are cool but they take up "space" and limit you to customization. How easy would it be to have a simple color variety options you add to nearly everything? An easy way to "paint" your items you make instead on taking up precious space with "stickers". This could be applicable to hair, clothing items, some stickers, materials, and any item you make in create. Why not? Everything else is so customizable..."stickers" now seem a little repatitive and "stone age" in create mode.





Here is an example in LBP Karting that finally sent me over the edge on this issue...



    I set out to make a Candy Land level for my son! It's one of our favourite games to play together! Except that i tried to "sticker" the track to get the classic multicolor spaces (like the board game) and by the time i was done recoloring the track, the meter was full! This was a consistent frustration with the first two LBP's as well...if stickers take up so much "room", then their should be an alternate way to "paint" things in the franchise. Seriously, i wouldn't think that would be hard to can customize EVERYTHING else! Why do you have to rely on a sticker as your only for or colorful customization? It is very tedious...a simple "paint brush" to guide along the track to change the colors really isn't a difficult concept if you saw everything else you can do with this game.


    Adding this feature to every clothing item and kart would be so more counting down the hours spent just trying to change the color of your person or an item (NO EXAGGERATION-if you add up how long in any LBP i have had to tediously "sticker" my character, costume or other items in create mode-just for a simple color change-it would be HOURS). Trust me, it adds up-especially if you are a perfectionist. I KNOW i'm not the only person with this qualm...





Let me say, i absolutely LOVE Little Big Planet...i really do...


However LBP Karting has really disappointed me...


I'm really starting to miss Media Molecule's precision and support for what they put out there...

if UFG does LBP 3, I might not get it...and i have preordered the other 2 LBP games. I wish i would have borrowed this game from my brother instead of buying it...


   Someone, please fix this game!!! it could be so so good! As of right now, i've had it for 2 days, i would NOT recommend buying it...unless you are okay with a short story mode and a create mode full of disappointments. Small fixes would make this game AMAZING!

Colour the Pod Controller

by Phazon7117 on ‎16-03-2013 17:56 PM

Alright so I always thought it would be a nice feature if we could sticker our pod controller. Those who have a white, red, blue, pink or whatever they have in real life could have a matching one as their pod controller :smileyhappy:


Or (possibly) they could be released along with DLC packs (maybe some freebies too :smileyvery-happy:) for higher quality controller skins and could even mimmick real limited edition controllers' designs when/if DLC for the game the controller is based on is made into LBP DLC.


-Remade this idea from my GetSatisfaction idea.

General Ideas

by LevelUpJordan on ‎11-02-2013 12:19 PM

1.Many complain but keep the controls; they are part of Little Big Planet

2.Give access to some sample levels in create mode so that would be creators can see how the developers make certain contraptions possible

3.I don't know if this possible but I think it'd be cool, let people create custom outfits on and pay a nominal fee to use them in game


Those are my ideas, hope you like them :smileyhappy:

Pathfinder Mover

by Ostler5000 on ‎11-02-2013 11:15 AM

Having had an incredibly hard time creating things like RTSes, I believe a Pathfinder Mover would be a great addition!


Think of it like an advanced version of the Follower Mover. It would require slightly more thermo, however it would intelligently navigate around or over materials located on the same layer as itself, to reach it's target player or Tag, instead of simply heading straight towards it's destination.

3D create

by Ranger_A on ‎10-02-2013 16:31 PM

after a taste in LBPK, I gotta say 3D create

More Music DLC / TV record Button

by TheSonic41125 on ‎03-10-2013 02:24 AM

I've probably mentioned this before. But I can't remember. but I believe more Music DLC would help on each LBP thats out there. especially Karting. Perhaps more tutorials, like melody training. Easily can be done by a level but really nobody would want to waste level space on that. Interactive music like from other LBP game should also be added to LBP2, Vita and Karting. Just to add to our collection of choices. i've already mentioned new instruments which can be located here 


as for a TV record button allow me to explain. The tutorial TVs are  unique way to show how to manage a level. On the pause menu there should be a record button,  Pausing the game with a 3 second countdown so u can turn on your mic or whatever, and allows you to record gameplay and upload as  Video under your profile Comments. you can also use them as level responses, and to save Level space. for they dont count towards level space. Also they can be put in levels as cutsenes after defeating a boss or so. kinda like how lbpk did its cutsenes. With a Scoreboard or a new tool. The (Insert name)anator. which has the option to A. cover full screen or B. a customizable bordered window with the video.

Wire Copying

by thetechnicbrick on ‎26-08-2013 17:49 PM

Simply a feature that lets you copy the wires connected to a microchip when you say hold l3 while selecting a microchip, or something along those lines

Hey people,


I've got an idea for making it easier to form a co-op party in-game.
I've made a level with the purpose of commenting on it,

to look for partners for getting certain trophies or completing multiplayer areas.


So just go to my level on your PS3,
and browse through the comments or comment on it yourself.
Example: "Need party for x4 in The Bunker"

Name of the level: Find Co-op Partners (x4, 3x, x2, multiplayer, trophies, H4H)


Good luck!
(feel free to give me an author heart as a way of saying thanks -> H4H of course) :)

Ghost tool and Memorizer for LBP2

by TheSonic41125 on ‎29-07-2013 01:21 AM

- The ghost to in LBPV allowed the ability to turn a solild object pass threwable without using any sort of glitch. I think this tool will come in handy on LBP 2, since alot more people in this community who love to experimentt with multiple pathways/secrets

- The memorizer is indeed what we needed from the get go. it was mighty confusing at first but it was incredibly handy when making a series of levels that might benefit from a load/save feature.

- updated note emitter - the one vita had many more features. you could change font, opacity, and it had a NUMBER FORMAT. 

It's quite a chore to have to make a new email account to get more space on a planet. The 20 level limits quite a pain and when trying to make multiple series makes it hard to keep track of stuff. So Here's what my idea was. 

- I'm thinking of 1 account with multiple profiles. Visible on one earth,

- When Selecting its like Story mode. 1 planet with many profiles., You could organise your levels  like folders with these profiles, especially when making multiple level series. You can name them whatever you want, and make up a Curator of said profile, and next to that will be your PSN name in brackets. 

- Each profile has a 20 level space limit, Giving your earth Technically Unlimited level space!

I got this idea when on LBP1 while going through Story mode levels.

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