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07 Aug 2018
By WhiteMonkey88


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"8-Bit" Series

0 Replies 324 Views Created 07-08-2018
07 Aug 2018
By WhiteMonkey88

Petroglyph announced earlier this year that 8-Bit Armies is coming to console.


2 more games in the "8-Bit" series have been announced. ‘8-Bit Hordes’ and ‘8-Bit Invaders!’


8-Bit Hordes
8-Bit Hordes is a fantasy themed RTS in which players can storm castles, slay dragons and raid haunted cemeteries. There are two factions to battle with: The daunting Orcs and their undead allies of the DeathSworn, or the brave elves, humans and dwarves of the Lightbringers.


8-Bit Invaders!
8-Bit Invaders! is a sci-fi themed RTS in which the Multiverse is your battlefield. Players can fight with one of two factions, the sinister Cranioids or the military might of the Galactic Marine Corps.


And something that seems pretty cool

Cross-title Multiplayer
Unlike any other console game, all three games in the 8-Bit RTS Series allow for cross-title Multiplayer. This means that players can combine the different factions and maps, battling with fiery dragons against flying saucers and massive tanks. The new trailer gives an impression of what it looks like when these three totally different worlds come to an annihilating clash!


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