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18 Dec 2018
By jesspt10


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LEGO Harry Potter Yr 1-4 Lumos Solem Trophy

0 Replies 163 Views Created 18-12-2018
18 Dec 2018
By jesspt10

Hi guys, I’m really hoping someone can help!!!


I am 2 more trophies away from completing all trophies for LEGO HP Yrs 1-4; 

Lumos Solem (destroy 50 devil snare) & the trophy for complete completion (unlocking all trophies)


when I saw the “Lumos Solem” trophy was still unlocked after hours of gameplay and plenty of destroying these devil snares , I was a little confused. 


I thought maybe I’d done something wrong somewhere, so I read a forum that said “maybe you just didn’t destroy the full 50, but a quick way was to go to Gringott’s Bank, build a level and make 10 devil snares. Destroy them and is the easiest way to complete the trophy. 


I did that, I destroyed 50 devil snares... and I still didn’t get a thing... 

So then I thought... maybe I was destroying them wrong. Through the entire gameplay I would hold down square a destroy multi plants at once... so... I’m thinking OK maybe the game is a little OTT and I had to actually hit circle to activate Lumos Solem to destroy the plants... so, still at the build level, I destroyed a few more... but... Then I thought maybe the build level was wrong and I had to do it in free roam, the “proper” way.. 



I went to Year 1 and level 6. There are 5 devil snares right at the start of the level, so an easy “farm” if you like... 

It was painfull to say the least, I did 10 runs (50 destroyed) the “proper” way of using Lumos Solem (Hitting circle)... 

I didn’t get the trophy? I spent over an hour doing all of this... and I DIDNT GET THE TROPHY!? 

I don’t understand? If I had £1,000,000 real cash, I’d bet that entire amount away that I’ve destroyed over 100 devil snares... but I just can’t seem to get the achievement? 


Can anybody help? I’m absolutely stuck and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, if anything? 


Or does this this sound like a glitch? And how do I get over that? 


Or or has anyone else experienced this and knows how to get past it? Fix the glitch? 


Id really really appreciate some help. 


Thank you in advance 

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