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11 Apr 2018
By I3ordo


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2018 Killzone shadowfall notes:A

0 Replies 835 Views Created 11-04-2018
11 Apr 2018
By I3ordo

Just making a side note here just incase i need it:



The top left Mini map has to be bigger on screen.


Sprinting players should be visible on mini map as a pulsing dot.


Each class should be able to sprint sideways with a different slower animation. just as in normal "sprint", "hip"" fire

should be disabled while side sprinting and  be capable of linking into crouch for sliding into cover.


Grenade cooking should be removed.


Marking should be added. Scout class should have proximity marking multiple enemies.


Assault class needs a 2 second duration instantly active shield that is moving with him (paladin bubble) with a coold down of 30 seconds.


all classes should have a limited "echo" that detects walking/running enemies. but should not broadcast positions to team, just to player.(aka listen mode in last of us).


Melee killed players should be revive-able by bots.


Melee attacks be interruptable when hit with gun fire. You should be able to interrupt a melee kill that is done another team mate.


Supports' "grenade launcher" (the one that is meant for destroying the enemy "automata") should lock -on faster.


Enemie's base should be highlighted  as a red zone on the minimap to warn the new players about accidental breach.







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