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31 May 2014
By Axe99


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ANZ KZ:SF Community Night, Thurs 5 June 7:30pm AEST/9:30pm NZ

0 Replies 995 Views Created 01-06-2014
31 May 2014
By Axe99

This week will be a King of the Hill extravaganza. The deal behind King of the Hill is that it's capture and move only with shorter respawn time and a higher capture point limit (250, up from 100), with 15 minutes per game B). We're leaving FF on as everyone seems to enjoy it, and we'll have a few more maps (post any requests below) as we'll likely cycle through them more quickly with this mode. 

Warzone name: ANZ Community Night - King of the Hill, FF On 
Password: 747 
Time: 7:30pm AEST/9:30pm NZ 
Rules: Friendly fire on, no parties, Capture and move on 'roids. 
Maps: TBA - I was thinking all the DLC maps, as they don't get much of a run, and then a few others that we're fans of, but suggest away below and I'll do my best to remember to slot 'em in :)

On the by, when you join on the game, try and come through the Warzone browser rather than joining on friends, as it can unbalance the sides over time.

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