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13 Dec 2013


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Killzone Shadow Fall Beginners Guide!

0 Replies 13,053 Views Created 13-12-2013
13 Dec 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall Beginners Guide!

as any new game can be kinda daunting, heres some tips, hints and guides to help you out the first few times you play. nothing too strange in here if youve played a shooter before 8).


im not to best Killzoner ever, so if any of you guys out there have anything to add to this guide, post it up and we'll include. could be something helpful, hidden or complicated at first glance, or easily missable. we'll throw it all in 8).


start the game (or, er, 'application', whatever).

down the left side of the Multiplayer main menu youll find My Career. in here houses all your stats, challenges and loadouts. before going anywhere, you might aswell check out your Loadouts before going anywhere.


hop over to the Edit Loadouts tab. there are three classes to pick from, with a few different Loadout slots to customise how you want.

Scouts are the snipering, invisible type dudes.

Assaults are the shield wielding and assault rifle carrying guys.

Support are the medics with spawn beacons, turrets and LMGs.



each class also has two Abilities that you can put on to a Loadout. in-game one is assigned to the left button (<--) and the other to the right (-->).


<-- Echo - a pulse to see enemies through walls. enemies can also see your pulse, giving away your position.

for the right button you can pick one of these:

--> Cloak - you go invisible, but can only carry a knife.

--> Teleport - zap intantly to another location, but its random.

--> Detector Drone - blinds close enemies.



<-- Shield - pop it down with R2, shields from gun fire. nades can passthrough/can always be destroyed.

for the right button you can pick one of these:

--> Speed Dash - gives you better movement.

--> Shockwave - blinds close enemies.

--> Buddy Drone - a drone thall stick by you and shoot at enemies, can give away position.



<-- Revive Drone - send to revive a teammate, which is a medic/plus symbol on screen. accept a revive from someone with triangle.

for the right button you can pick one of these:

--> Spawn Beacon - set device down with R2 and teammates can spawn here. can be destroyed (and camped).

--> Turret - set gun down with R2, will shoot enemies. can be destroyed, eventually.

--> Air Support - a bot that roams the skies looking for prey, can be hidden from. can only be used in outside areas.


weapons and equipment:

each Loadout can also have one main weapon (with attachments), one sidearm (more attachments) and one explosive.


to unlock more bits and pieces, youve gotta completed Challenges, though you have alot to start with. to see which weapons and equipment youve got for each of your Loadouts, just switch between the Weapon, Sidearm and Explosives tabs. the ones ticked are the ones you have.


each class has a few guns to themselves (Scouts have snipers, Assaults and Supports have rifles and LMGs), aswell as one or two sidearms and a couple of explosives too. just the normal pick and choose what you fancy.


if you wanna see how to unlock an unavailable weapon, press X to View Challenges associated with it.



Challenges and your rank:

Challenges are also in the My Career section. completing Challenges opens up extras (like different types of grenades or other abilities to use) and also determines the little number next to your name in-game, a bit like a rank.


theres 1000s to do and most will probably come naturally over (alot) of time. you can also unlock emblems for your Player Card with some challenges too.


looking for a game (a Warzone) and joining friends games:

a Warzone is just a group of games. from the main menu pick All Warzones. find a type you like the sound of, itll then pop you into a game with those settings. the number is the amounf of games being played using that type of Warzone set up.


if you want to join a friend, look right and scroll through your friends list to see what theyre playing. you can also click to bring up their Player Card and see which Warzones theyre in or have created in the past.


creating a Warzone:

if you wanna create your own game with any options you want, go to the My Warzone tab and press triangle. lots of different option in there. including Bots in your game will disable Challenges.



in a game/spawn screen:

this is your starting point! here you can select your Spawn Point or press R1 to pick and edit your Loadouts.


press left and right to scroll through spawn points to can spawn at. if theres only one, you aint got a choice 8D. spawning usually comes in short waves.

- on the spawn screen is a map, the green tag is your basecamp, you can always spawn here.

- the yellow tags are Spawn Beacons put down by friendly Support team mates. they can be placed anywhere, can be used tactically and can be destroyed. if your teams used too many youll have to wait to put one down (or destroy your own one).



the game modes:

there are 8 modes in total. depending on the Warzone youre playing in, they might not use them all. some are from previous KZs, a couple arre renamed and a few are new.


Capture & Hold (capture zones)

Team Deathmatch (Bodycount from previous KZs)

Search & Destroy (Defend or Attack two points)

Beacon Retrieval (Search & Retrieve from prevous KZs, retrieve a beacon and bring it to base)

Beacon Theft (like capture the flag)

Beacon Safeguard (protect a single beacon for as long as possible).

Capture & Connect (like C&H, but you have to capture the zones in order, first team to get them all win).


in-game comms:

Killzone doesnt offer mic comms yet, but you can start a Party on the PS4s menu, invite friends and chat and text from there.


if you want to invite a friend into your game, press the Options button and select from there.



to bring up your scoreboard while playing, press the touchpad.

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