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11 May 2012
By Pretoria


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MUBI Update: 10 May 2012

0 Replies 744 Views Created 11-05-2012
11 May 2012
By Pretoria

Two movie passions have infected us over at MUBI: Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper, and the 2012 Festival de Cannes, which is coming up in less than two weeks.

You guys already know that we’re exclusively showing two of Hooper’s very first films, his short The Heisters and his feature debut Eggshells. Well, now that you’ve got a chance to see some of Hooper’s early films now you’ve got a chance to talk to him! We are taking questions from the MUBI community for Tobe over in our web forum. We’ll be taking questions for the cult filmmaker for two weeks before selecting the best of the bunch, sending them to Tobe to answer, and posting them there and here on the PlayStation blog. Have questions about Poltergeist, making people jump out of their seats, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the two restored films of Hooper’s we’re now showing on MUBI? Now’s the time to ask! Head here to post your questions.

Meanwhile: Cannes! We don’t know what will be good this year but we do know what we’re anticipating. And hey, what do you know, a lot of films by filmmakers selected for Cannes this year are playing on MUBI! There are a lot of our favorites in the lineup, so we’ll split our picks between this post and our next update here! Here’s part one:

rust bone

Jacques Audiard has Rust & Bone in Competition. We’re showing Audiard’s The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2005) in Spain.

Leo Carax has Holy Motors in Competition. We’re showing Carax’s Les amants du Pont-Neuf (1991) in Austria, Germany, Switzerland; and Tokyo! (2008) in Belgium, Netherlands.


Michael Haneke has Amour in Competition. We’re showing Haneke’s The Seventh Continent (1989) in United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands; Benny’s Video (1992) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (1994) in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys (2000) in United Kingdom, Ireland, Demark; The Piano Teacher (2001) in United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark; Time of the Wolf (2003) in United Kingdom, Ireland; Hidden (2005) in Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland; Funny Games U.S. (2007) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland; and The White Ribbon (2009) in Norway.


Im Sang-soohas Taste of Money in Competition. We’re showing The President’s Last Bang (2005) in United Kingdom, Ireland.

Abbas Kiarostami has Like Someone in Love in Competition. We’re showing Kiarostami’s Shirin (2008) in Portugal; and Certified Copy (2010) in United Kingdom, Ireland.

Ken Loach has  Angels’ Share in Competition. We’re showing Loach’s Riff Raff (1991) in Belgium, Luxembourg; Land and Freedom (1995) in Italy; Bread & Roses (2000) in Italy; The Navigators (2001) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; Sweet Sixteen (2002) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden; and The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland.


Christian Mungiu has Beyond the Hills in Competition. We’re showing Mungiu’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland; and Tales from the Golden Age (2009) in Portugal.


Alain Resnais has You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet in Competition. We’re showing Resnais’ Night and Fog (1955) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; Hiroshima, Mon Amour (1959) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden; Muriel (1963) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; Same Old Song (1997) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; Not on the Lips (2003) in Belgium, Luxembourg; Private Fears in Public Spaces (2006) in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland; and Wild Grass (2009) in United Kingdom, Ireland

Carlos Reygadas has Post Tenebras Lux in Competition. We’re showing Reygadas’ Japón (2002) in Australia, New Zealand; Battle in Heaven (2005) in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands; and Silent Light (2007) in France, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal.

Stay tuned for our next update to see what else we’re showing on MUBI by filmmakers who are in Cannes 2012!

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