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24 Feb 2012
By Pretoria


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MUBI Update: 23 February 2012

0 Replies 684 Views Created 24-02-2012
24 Feb 2012
By Pretoria

This week’s MUBI update features a great number of prize winners and nominees, ranging from the Academy Awards to prestigious film festivals — with some fascinating filmmakers thrown in between.

far from heaven

Far from Heaven (Todd Haynes, USA)

Before Todd Haynes put Kate Winslet in the 1930s (Mildred Pierce) he recreated the 1950s for Julianne Moore (with whom he’d already worked on the mid-90s classic, Safe) in this Oscar-nominated melodrama of lush colors, repressed emotions and sinisterly conservative social mores. The result is one of the most beautiful and intelligent films of the decade.

Available in: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Dear Diary (Nanni Moretti, Italy)

Nanni Moretti won a directing award in Cannes for this serendipitous, documentary-style comedy “about the various anxieties, observations and obsessions of [the] Italian writer/director… [who] suggests a bearded, Mediterranean Woody Allen” (Washington Post).

Available in: United Kingdom, Portugal

a screaming man

A Screaming Man (Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Belgium)

In this Cannes prize-winner a father in Chad is demoted at his job while he struggles to keep his son out of the military draft. “The way to the movie’s soul, its antiwar and anti-globalization sentiment, is through its characters’ eyes, haunted by a sense of defenselessness and confusion” (Slant).

Available in: Germany

The Big One (Michael Moore, USA)

Michael Moore’s documentary selected by the Toronto and Berlin film festivals about his road tour to promote his book on downsizing is “the rare mainstream American film about real issues… [and] nicely balances serious advocacy with playful stunts” (NY Times).

Available in: France


Edmond (Stuart Gordon, USA)

From the unusual combo of director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and writer David Mamet comes this film that “works as a tough, flavorful dark night of the soul, as a middle-aged drone [William H. Macy] finally has his moment of clarity, which looks a lot like madness” (A.V. Club).

Available in: Italy, Switzerland

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