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Hey guys! You may remember, I made a track called MnR Rally-Croatia. It was then changed to a different name by popular demand, due to aspects of the track. Well, I've revamped, and have a new MnR Rally-Croatia! Here it is;

ModNation™ Racers_10.JPG

ModNation™ Racers_11.JPG

ModNation™ Racers_12.JPG

ModNation™ Racers_13.JPG

ModNation™ Racers_14.JPG

^ Obviously, the main change is the original 'drive on water' section, which, as you can see, is now a pleasant lakeside drive. ^


I hope this can now fully qualify for the MnR Rally, after much work. I even put the mile markers in. Anyways, I love the series so far Alex. Can't wait to see England (You WERE doing an England, Right???)!

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