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Alright. I raced my track in a casual gameroom not long ago and I got a lot of positive feedback. According to the people I was racing with, they didn't encounter any problems, errors, or any signs of intense difficulty, so i'm keeping it published as a result of their awesome support!   :smileyvery-happy:


This MNR Rally track that I made is called MNR Rally - Jordan:


ModNation™ Racers.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_1.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_2.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_3.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_4.JPG


Note: Like my other recent track (Colonia Cras), this is (sort of) a lengthy course because of the "stretching" technique used.


I didn't want to reveal it right away because I wanted to get some feedback from a gameroom first. This was originally a test, but (like I said) since there are no problems, it's staying published!


Enjoy!   :Thumbs:

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