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18 Jul 2012
By anaximperator


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New track - MNR Rally Norway

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18 Jul 2012
By anaximperator

Can't believe I'm doing this. Having seen the sort of tracks the experts can create, my attempt to offer something for the MNR Rally series looks a bit naff, but I've decided to take the plunge anyway. It's only an Internet forum - the laughter exists only in a world of pixels and html code.


So it's Norway. And, would you believe, it doesn't always snow. That's good, because the arctic theme was always going to be limiting. Instead, I've exploited the (albeit short) northern summer and based this short track - a 5 lap race for this would be better than 3 - on a climb/descent around a fjord, at the head of which is a dam. Sadly the lack of open sea at the other end makes this, technically at least, a lake, not a fjord. Our race takes place at dusk on a clear day, on a track with no hazards and NO ITEM PODS. You want speed? You want the advantage? Then practice your lines to collect those boost pads and refills.



We start above the dam and wind our way through a small de-forested area and into a lush hillside woodland.



Reaching the lake, cross the bridge and head uphill to the modest apartment complexes. The turns are tight but driftable.



Time to head back towards the dam on this fairly steep ascent. The corners are tight but reasonably well protected.



From this left-hander you get a nice view of the lights on the dam wall.



Above the dam is this small town where most of the rally fans have congregated.



Hang left by the church and you complete the lap. So soon? Yes, it's a moderately short jaunt but - I hope - one that's worth it for the friendly track and some pleasing views as you blast round. Have fun!


Oh, by the way - while I've named and described it with an eye to it being part of the MNR Rally series, I have absolutely no idea how the mechanics of that work.


Title: MNR Rally Norway

PSN-ID: anaximperator

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