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05 Apr 2011
By atheistsw


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TUTORIAL - EASY ANGLES! Create your own in minutes!

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05 Apr 2011
By atheistsw

After much poking and prodding of the track editor I believe I have found a way to successfully replicate the much maligned "tilt glitch" regularly. It's still not 100% guaranteed (what glitch is?) But I have had a VERY good success rate using this method and currently have an angled template which holds 16 unique angles. If you can't be bothered to read the rest of this and do it yourself, you can find this remixable template available from me in-game under the name "SIXTEEN ANGLES".


For those of you that do want to create your own though, read on! I must give HUGE props to Mr Dufus who really cracked the method I'm using, I've merely refined it a little and translated it into easy to follow instructions complete with visual aids.


First of all, you're going to need to create your initial angled prop. To be honest the method to get this is almost exactly the same as the method to get additional angles, so to keep things simple I'm going to follow that process instead. Only difference is it might not be necessary to re-pave the track first of all to get your first angle, in fact, it may not be necessary to re-pave for the first few, until you start getting duplicate angles thrown your way, but I did it out of procedure each time and each time I got a new and unique angle so, for my money, it makes a difference. ;) Also, I've done this using the Alpine theme as the base. You may be able to use other themes to get just as good results, again, I'm not sure how much difference this can make to things.




Start off with a simple oval. Use the Re-pave option and change about a 1/3 of your track, just extend it a little, add some extra corners etc. You'll end up with something like this:




Go to Mod Terrain > Sculpt Anywhere. Select the Ramp 1 Height Brush from the 'Advanced Sculpt' section.




Without making any adjustments, place a ramp bit of terrain somewhere near the edge of the map. Next, place a dynamic prop (I used the Lil' Devastator) on top of it, like so.




Move across to the opposite end of the map and place a second dynamic prop on flat ground. Select the rectangular block from your base theme and spam it around the object. DO NOT change from the default size of this object. Easiest way I find is to create a rectangle wholly surrounding your prop. Zoom in closer and push the left stick in slowly and keep pressing X to quickly place a large number of these occupying a small area of space. When you are done you should have something that looks like this:




Try and make sure there are as few gaps between blocks as possible. Continue to place additional blocks until there is no more room available. Next find your first dynamic prop and hover over it then press left/right on the d-pad to select the second dynamic prop covered in blocks. Make sure it is highlighted but DO NOT press X to select it. The next part is crucial and if done incorrectly, can lead to the game crashing...




Press circle to go back to your main menu. You're going to want to select 'Test Drive' but be sure to leave some time (I'd recommend 10 seconds at least) before pressing as this is where the game is prone to crash. Providing you wait a while you should be in test drive mode as normal. Drive around for a few seconds, you should hopefully be able to spot a strangely angled prop nearby. ;)




Return to your track editor. Hopefully you now have an angled version of your dynamic prop, similar to above. You can usually see where the game has placed it but sometimes it will end up buried in the ground somehow. Move across to the other prop and press left/right on the d-pad to find it's position. Select it using X and hold triangle to raise it so it's just hovering above the ground. I then change it to another prop (in this instance the yacht from the seaside theme) as this is an easier way to see the effect of the angle you have just created.




Voila, your first angled prop! I now move this over to the edge out of the way, ready to begin the process to create more unique angles.




If you try and create another angle straight off you're likely to fail, you'll either get nothing, the same angle, or a different, un-rotatable angle that's little use to anyone. In order to allow the game to keep on creating new and unique angles for you, follow these final few "housekeeping" steps that seem to refresh the games memory and allow it to keep generating new angles for you.




Firstly, get rid of those spammed blocks. Go to your prop menu, move across to props used, select the block and press triangle to remove them all at once. Next, manually remove the remaining dynamic prop from the map. Finally, what I think might be the most important step to enabling continuous angle generation to occur...




Go to Edit > Mod Terrain > Terrain Cleanup and draw your marquee around this bit of raised land we put the dynamic prop on earlier. Press triangle and it is gone. Now, once this is done keep this terrain removal cursor on screen. DO NOT go to any other menu. Simply press circle then EXIT. The game will prompt you to save, which you should of course do.


To continue making additional angles re-load your saved level. The First thing you should do is re-pave the track, before following the steps as above to create new angles.


A few general rules/points to consider:


(1) The effect seems to work best when the dynamic props are placed closer to the edge of the map. By all means try moving more inward, but I think the further away from your track you place them, the more chance of success you are going to get.


(2) Don't raise the ramp terrain too high, if at all. Early on I tried raising it very high and the game crashed going into test drive mode even though I left the required amount of time beforehand. However, the height of this bit of terrain may be one of the key factors in determining the angle of your glitched props, so experimentation is encouraged.


(3) Many of the angles work differently depending on the default axis of your prop. For example, the construction pipe is unaffected by many of the angles, only those which tilt on a certain axis cause a change. Other props, such as the boats and signs, are affected by all of the angles. Depending on whether your prop is angled on just one or two axis can make a big difference. Generally speaking, tilts on one axis are more useful, especially if you want to drive on them. However, twin axis tilts can be useful for more advanced sculpting and may just give you that sought after angle you need for an elaborate character or super-structure. As with most things in MNR, experimentation is the key to see just how the different props are affected by this glitch. It can definitely lead to some very interesting results!


As I said in the beginning, this isn't 100% guaranteed but it is a very effective and time-efficient way of doing things. I got all my glitch props through about 2 hours work. If you follow these steps then I see no reason why it won't work for you as well! If it doesn't work first time try it a couple of times, getting that first angle is the hardest part. Once you are going for additional angles if the game spits out a duplicate, un-rotatable or just doesn't glitch, just EXIT, don't save and reload again. I wouldn't recommend trying more than once per load as this doesn't seem to work well and you can keep doing it and keep getting no joy until you quit back to the creation station and reload your level again.


Once you get to 9 or 10 angles the game may start spitting out duplicates of what you already have. Once this started happening I changed my dynamic prop to a Mega Jump and the angles started to change again. I think this is because the Mega Jump is on a different axis to the Lil' Devastator, or maybe the game just got bored, who knows, it worked, that's the main thing. ;)


Finally, for anyone who doubted it... SIXTEEN ANGLES! :D





Happy glitching! :D


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